Tuesday, April 24

I Wonder as I Wander...


For the past (almost THREE!!) weeks, I have been stuck/forced/held against my will sitting on a tractor meticulously packing haylage.
This is the most basic form of torture, I have decided.
As long as I don't think of the monotony, and endless supply of haylage coming in, I do fine.
IF I begin to look at the trees rather than the forest, I get anxious and want to cry.
Some farmer I am....

I guess there are tools I could utilize to help me take my mind off of the work, like listening to an iPod, or blessing the world by stretching my vocal chords...
Instead, I think.

I hmmmmm and hawwwwww about terribly important, worldly matters.

For instance, why is it so cold allofthesudden?
-Is this some sort of payback for the early warmth we got?
-Am I mad about the cold?
-I wish it would rain...it's really dry out.
-Does this mean we will have a dry summer?
-Will we have a short winter again?
-I shouldn't have planted my roses at home.
-My Bougainvillea is so mad right now...
-The lady at the garden center pronounced it "Boo-gam-vill-ea"...I like that better.
-How long will my Cyclaman  bloom?
-Why do none of my plants want water?
-I wish I had time for a garden.
-Should I still be watering my roses?

Another subject I often ponder is Gus:
-I think he likes attention.
-He doesn't mind the cows..maybe he's scared.
-That one cow did chase him...
-I think he likes Chuck, Beenie and I...we are his people.
-Why doesn't he like stuff around/near his ears?
-His past owner was kinda...ding-y...
-He's so pretty.
-I like his nostrils.
-I wish he didn't try to sit on me when I wrap his foot.
-He's misunderstood justlikeme.

I psychoanalyze myself:
-What am I going to bake tonight?
-Why am I going to bake something?
-Maybe I need to feel like I have accomplished something.
-Why do people automatically think I am mean?
-I'm just quiet.
-And to the point.
-But I don't mean any harm!
-I just have a lot on my mind.
-I drink a lot of water.
-Is this because I'm an Aquarius?
-They are 'water bearers' you know.
-That makes sense, I'll stick with it.

Sometimes my thoughts turn to things around me:
-Eddie is smaller than me.
-I don't know how I feel about that.
-Tim's bigger...a little at least.  Thank goodness!
-I hope I don't flip this tractor over...I would be so in trouble.
-I should start wearing ear plugs...my teeth hurt.
-That cat is so pregnant.
-Look at the ducks!
-Those little birds are giving that hawk the what-for!
-I so dislike vultures.

By the time I have made it through all of this it's been all of...12 minutes.
I already know what I am going to be thinking about today....what I'm cooking for Chucks birthday.

So there ya go.
Someone has to do the thinking.


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  1. Um. Wow. That was a very strange and somewhat scary look in the mirror.


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