Saturday, April 14

My New Art

Happy Saturday to those of you who are able to enjoy it...:).
I really did mean that.
Never mind that I am not included in that statement.
No.  I'm not bitter.
I'm rather sweet, actually.

Atanyrate, I want to show you something that I have been excited about since I ordered it...
But first!
I'll tell you the history behind maybe you can appreciate it more than my husband did.

You have seen those "Keep Calm and Carry On" signs around, right?

People like to change them to anything from "Keep Calm and Drink Coffee" to "Keep Calm and Harley On"...
You get the picture.

I had an inspiration one day, and thought it would be BRILLIANT to make a sign that played on that theme, but was directed at the dairy industry.
I mean, it makes sense for me right?
I though so.

I let that idea fade nearly away, when one day, while browsing ETSY for something totally different, my ingenious idear came back to me.
I bet I can find someone on ETSY to make me a sign!

I heart ETSY.
I mean it's a great example of hardworking individuals, or artisans, selling their hand made goods globally.
It's a great site.
You can find the neatest things there!
(You can also find garage sale items, be mindful.)

I knew what I wanted to I searched and finally found a lady by the name of Tosha, who owns TYPOGRFX.
You can find her website here

I emailed Tosha my idea and she responded right back!
(She thought it was funny as well:).)

A couple of days later she shipped my canvas and I received it yesterday!

I put it in the entryway of our home...

Tosha doesn't know I am mentioning her, but I understand that the best advertisement is a happy client.
And I am happy indeed!

Chuck and Saigon saw it and will grow on them.

Another long day of chopping today...I hope you get to enjoy the beautiful weather!!


P.s. It's obvious that that rug is too small for that space.
P.p.s. Rugs are expensive.
P.p.p.s I'm not an interior designer.


  1. I love it! Not many of those make me laugh any longer, but that one did.

  2. U r just too cute and creative!


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