Sunday, April 1

April Employee of the Month!!

It's that time again!
Time to announce the April employee of the month, here on the foolin'!

Before I announce, I would like to say a couple of things....
-My feet hurt from neversittingdownyesterday.
-I woke up and didn't know where I was...newhouse.
-It took me 15 minutes to get to work..usedto10.
-I am in love with our house...Godhasblessedus.

On to the piece de resistance...

The April Employee of the Month is.....

Mr. Chuck-IHaveTheBestWifeEver-Garner!!

(I mean really...were you surprised?!)

The month of March was tremendous for this guy, yet here he as a fiddle!

Chuck's stats:
Height: 5 foot-astallasme.
Weight: I would guess, but then I would cry.
Age: Heh..
Claim to fame: Duping his wife into buying him a horse..Immasucka.


This past month he has been very busy, yet has handled everything in stride...
-He drove to and from Seaside...and listened to me...
-He bought a house...hello BIG money...
-He got it's all ours...
-He got a horse...and so did I...
-He realized just how much stuff he has...half of which is now in the dumpster...bye bye 'African safari' in the bedroom...(there were giraffes and elephants coming out of the walls...)
-He moved his stuff...ay yai yai..

Don't be fooled though, April is gearing up to be a bear as well...
-Caden's baseball season kicks into gear..."Do we have practice today?" "When's his next game?" "WHERE'S your GLOVE?!"...
-We have to get settled in...I've never seen him mow...
-We bring Gus home from the horse farm...this is the part when I get a horse...
-We celebrate Easter!!! (It's an important day:).)
-He celebrates his birthday!!!

Now that he is officially part of the family, Chuck (I think) feels more inclined to come out to the farm whenever he pleases.  This leads us to his future plans....
-To be a dump-truck driving, horse riding, manure-covered farmer...on his off days:).
-To begin a life with his son and wife, in their new home.

All in all, the farm considers Chuck-Ihavethebestwifeever-Garner, to be an rising star!
The potential is there and the desire...what more do you need?

...I guess a larger name tag..

Congratulations Chuck!



  1. Chucks horse looks really fast! Giddy Up

  2. Congrats Chuck! No pressure.....


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