Tuesday, April 17

You Might be Chopping If....

...You wake up in the morning and think about taking a nap.

...You find pieces of rye in your belly-button.
True story.

...You haven't had a conversation with your significant other, that lasted more than 2 minutes, in over a week.

...Every time you put the tractor in reverse to pack the pit, you almost fall asleep.

...You have black eye crispies.

...You reach the end of your rope, which means you get emotionally tired...
-Things like packs of your stepsons Crayons touch your heart.
-You hear a song at 4:30 am, and since it was played during your wedding, you get teary.

...You order pizza for supper. (CRAZYtown for moi.)

...Your shoulders hurt.

...Your back hurts.

...Your everything hurts...

...You put in over 90 hours in a week.

...Your nice to strangers.
That's not me!

...You take pictures of peacocks sitting on tractors, and think they are art..
But you can't put that picture on HERE, because you can't think that hard.

...You have almost as much rye underneath your shirt as you do in the pit.

 ...You start doing everyone else's work, because...why not?
You're here anyway.

Send HELP!


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