Wednesday, April 25

Mildy Concussed

I hit my head on the tractor approximately 17 times yesterday...but who's counting?
I feel mildly concussed.
Concussed is so a word.

You're lucky, because at this time I have complete control over my memory of yesterday.
When I woke up this morning there was a lot of shady confusion.
Possibly caused by said concussion.

It all started when I put my honey on the tractor yesterday.
Isn't that how it always starts?
That made no sense.

Moving on..

My honey had yesterday off so he came out to help medicate and wrap Gus's foot, and spend a little time with the big beast.
Gus likes us.


After their visit, Chuck came over to help me pack haylage.
He loves me that much:).

Anyway, he has never operated a front-end loader so this was a totally new experience for...both of us.
I have the utmost confidence in my honey though...he can do anything.

He hopped up into the seat, and I decided that it would be a great idea to sit on the fender.
Because I'm pretty like that.

The Valtra has an open cab, so most of the time I sat over the tire, leaning inward under the roof, and explained how to operate the machine.
(I love pictures of me like that.)

For your information, tractors aren't padded...contrary to popular belief, they are NOT just like driving a Mercedes.
I don't know who believes that.
I'm sure someone does.

I had done the majority of the packing up until he got into the drivers seat, so I had no idea what it felt like to be a passenger. one should know that.
There's a sticker that plainly reads "no passengers" right beside where I...was not sitting.

No worries!  I didn't consider myself a "passenger", I was merely the conductor and him the engineer.
(Chuck's brief, but memorable, train stint taught me a few things.)

Within no time, he had it down!
The only thing he needed to get the hang of, was working the bucket while driving the tractor.
The only thing I needed to get the hang of was riding side-saddle on a big metal horse who kept bucking me into the roof.

I'll make a farmer out of him yet:). long as my concussion doesn't hold me back.



  1. To put it "mildy", OurcousinthePoPo is becoming a rancher! Cause ranchers have horses. And cowboy hats....

  2. ^Someone has a frog in their pocket...

  3. I am surprised you don't know your history (as to told by John Wayne).....The Sheriff meets a beautiful farm girl, who slaves away for a tyrannical Bossman. Once he teaches her the Cowboy Way, she buys him a new horse. The fastest horse in the valley. They get married and buy a rancherito. But there isn't enough room for the horse. So they take him out to the farm where he is promptly attacked by jealous cows. Cause everyone knows those cows are the fastest cows in the valley. Now the fastest horse is crippled by a sinister cow plot and the pretty little farmer girl has to nurse him back to health. So her husband can become the rancher he always dreamed

    Hey, SHINY...

  4. You left out the part about the beautiful, witty doghoardingcousin who's part has no significance but she was cast in the role because she's related to the co-stars...


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