Thursday, April 5

I Go Back

We have been married for 3 weeks, just 3!
It seems like longer, in a good way:).

Occasionally, at random times throughout the day, I will take a minute and go back to a moment.
Just one single moment from our wedding week.

Do you do that?
Does this fade?
I don't want it to.

This morning I went here...

This was 'Sweetie Pie II'...our honeymoon cottage.
If I close my eyes I immediately feel the breeze....

I am sitting on our porch, overlooking the ocean and Chuck is lounging in the hammock.

It's warm...but not hot.
It's secluded...but in the middle of everything.

I don't want to leave, and I most certainly don't ever want to forget.

I take deep breaths, trying to inhale as much of the ocean air and I can.
The waves are big and crashing...some on the sandbar and some on the shoreline.

Every now and again a fighter jet interrupts the serenity of my space, invading the solitude of the day.
Just momentarily.
Long enough to give me a sense of security...that there are men and women out there, making this moment possible.
Brave men and women.

I start thinking about their sacrifices, and am brought back to this place by a seagull...who has landed on the rail.

I turn my head and it flys off, towards the seemingly endless blue water.
I look at Chuck who has fallen asleep, undisturbed by the noises and winged visitors.
And I am at peace.

I realize I have only a few short days in this place.
Only hours to imprint this memory.

However this feeling, a sense of peace where the heart and soul meet, is mine forever.
No matter where I go.

Three hours, three days, or three weeks.
I have this.



  1. A lovely memory. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  2. The wonderful thing is that this memory will always be there, But there will be more.


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