Wednesday, April 18

...and then we rested.

I was all like 'hey, I better get on the tractor' but then...the chopping halted.
There was silence.
I heard birds chirping.

Things didn't make sense.
I couldn't remember my name...Calliope?

But but but, what do I do when we don't chop?

I wandered around aimlessly, for the first ten minutes but seemed like years, and then I remembered...Aha!
I can get my stuff done.
My stuff: Working calves, breeding cows, calling my DFA field know, normal herdswoman things.

Chuck came out and we went to Tractor Supply, then visited with Gus for a bit.

Lemme tell you about a cookie-hound...

This big, muscular, athletic specimen has a soft-spot for treats...

The horse isn't much better.

Then, as if the day couldn't be more normal, I rounded it out by going to the bank, running the stairs, AND going out to eat with the Garner3.

Did I really live that way before chopping?
NOT on the tractor?
I kinda missed it....
WAIT! Did anyone hear me?
No one can know.

Since it's raining today, I expect to get more 'normal' things done with my big, beautiful ladies.

OH! Before I forget....
All of you bakers out there...or "recipe-givers", Pioneer Woman has an excellent recipe for oatmeal cream whoopie pies!

It was given a thumbs up by all of my fellas...and me, cuz I ate 3 yesterday....

I made them after a looooong Monday, and the only thing I changed was the "whoopie" part.
What I mean is, because I was making homemade meat sauce at the same time, I bypassed the "boiling water" part of the cookie recipe (which makes them big and fluffy), and instead made cookies.

My whoopie pies, are more like "woo" pies...which is how my life seems to be going at this point.
Don't read into that.
Make the cookies!

Here's the link to PW's recipe.


P.s. When you make the cookies, make the second filling. You will never be the same!

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