Friday, April 13

Saigon Came By Yesterday...

...and I got so much done!

My father-in-law, or Saigon as you know him, came to the rescue yesterday.
He is one of those people who can do pretty much know the kind.
The kind who can rewire your outdoor lights and bake a cake better than Martha, without thinking twice.

He came by and took on the task of packing haylage, before I killed someone.
The world is much safer now.

He had never packed haylage, much less driven the Valtra before, but it took him all of 5 minutes to become an expert at both.
He's pretty handy:).

Since he took that job over, I went home and sunbathed for a few hours...I lost my tan from the beach.
I kid.

ACTuallly, since Saigon was doing a better job than Eddie or I, I got a whole bunch of everything else done.

I was able to sit here, on the skidsteer...

And wait on the grain truck to dump a pile of soybean meal for me to push into the commodity shed.
Good ol' Saigon.

I was also able to let my low group of cows outside for a couple of hours, only to have to chase all 70-some across the field...TWICE.


I appreciate you Saigon.

While he packed, I mixed two loads of calf grain, which I would have had to done while simultaneously packing.
I'm thankful for Saigon.

Having the Valtra work covered, enabled me to push up the feed for my milk cows every hour, AND watch for heats.
Saigon made that possible.

I ended the day by feeding calves and milking cows, never having to worry about falling behind in the trench silo.
Saigon's the bomb-diggity.

When I was all finished, so was he.

He did a better job, at something he had no experience in, than both Eddie and I could have.
Poifectly packed.

While I was marveling at the job well done, someone called the law and a very good looking SGT showed up.....

It must be illegal to be good at everything;).
Thank you Saigon.


P.s. Chuck and I have been married for one month today!

(I fall all over myself when I see him:).)

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  1. Think he would shimmy on over here and bake the cupcakes for Spruce's birthday?...


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