Tuesday, February 14

My Valentine

This is Paul, he isn't my Valentine.
But he's cute.
I just thought I would share.

Ah, here he is!  My Valentine!

A year ago today he asked me to marry him....
ACTually, I opened the box and he didn't say anything for 6 lifetimes minutes.

So I borrowed a cliche' line and said, "..is this what I think it is?".
I am floored by the words that come out of my mouth.

He said it was and I might have yelped...it's hard to say.

At any rate this picture is of him after the engagement.
Do you think he is thinking:
A.)  What's the quickest way out of here?
B.) So...this is where I will be hunting...
C.) I think I'm gonna be sick
D.) That was easy

Then we have this picture of the newly engaged couple..

My Valentine and I.

Go ahead, say it...he looks scared.
Like he has been holding his breath for 8 minutes.

It's a "happy-ish" kinda thing he has going on there.

It's OK, I ontheotherhand, have glowing hair.
It's all good.

But wait! We weren't alone!

Edna was there.  She is always there.

We caught her on a good day.

A year ago today, my Valentine asked me to be his forever Valentine...kinda, and I said "yes".
There are a number of things I would love to tell you about my Valentine, but there's simply not enough time.

The things that I love the most about him are simple.  Because I don't think loving someone should be hard.
It should be work, but a labor of love.

Dear Valentine,

Though we have only been together for a short time, I know in my heart you are the only one for me.  Your unwavering commitment to your family is what I first fell in love with.  You drive me nuts, but also keep me on my toes.  I doubt my abilities constantly, but you are the first one to tell me I can do anything.  You believe in me and I'm better because of it.  Each day we learn something about each other, and each day our love grows stronger.  I only want to spend forever with you and raise a family, because I think it will be a beautiful adventure. 
Thank you for being the best man I have ever known, and thank God for bringing us together.

Always yours,

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