Saturday, February 11

What I Want

With Birthentines fast approaching, I have been asked by a few what I "want".

To which I always respond, "Oh...I don't know. I haven't really thought of anything".
..That's the helper in me coming out.

But it's true
Sitting here, right now, I don't want anything but a nap.

Sure, there's all kinds of things that I need, or could use for work.
There are loads of things that I would like to have to bake or cook with.
But what I want?  That's a different story.

-Let's start out with something easy...I want more hours in the day.
  After work yesterday, I only had time to go to the store, make sugar cookie dough, make peanut butter protein balls, eat dinner...and make 2 tissue paper flowers before I passed out.
Friday nights are thrilling for me.

I had a very full day at work, but still could have done more.

I'm not talking a bunch of hours...more like 2, or 3...that's all.

-Another big want on my list...I want to not be so tired at church.
  It's embarrassing. 
It totally makes me look like the person who is bored.
I'm not!!
There's just something about sitting still for more than fifteen minutes that causes my body to go into a coma.

Maybe I should stand...

-I want to make cookies and a cake and cupcakes for Valentines day...
  It's a disease.  A baking disease.

-I want peace of mind that the wedding will be wonderful.
  Everyone will have a great time.
My dress will be lovely.
The food won't break the bank.
The flowers won't catch fire.
Chuck will show up.
It will be warm, and not raining.

- I want to be known as a great herdsman.
  For real.  Life goal.
Aaaannnnndddd...make BossMan proud.  True.Story.

-I want to be better at checking up on people.
  You know, the 'how was the appointment/birthday/trip/etc ?' kind of thing.
I'm terrible at that.

-I kinda want to send Raj a 'thank you' note.
  But that's weird.

-I want to remember to be more outgoing...and nice.
  This may come as a shocker to you...but some people think I don't like them.
Let it sink in....

I don't generally yell at people in public, or ignore them purposefully.
I'm rather quiet, and NOT a phone-talker.

I wish I had a sign that read, "I'm not stuck-up, just quiet" for all of the amazing people that matter.
...All the other people will get the flip side that would read, "I'm glad you can't read my thoughts". 

-I want more opportunities to enlighten people on the dairy industry.
  Sometimes it gets a bad wrap, as far as animal rights organizations go.
I want people to know it's not like that.

-I want more pictures like this:)

Maybe I'll just ask for a new cookie scoop.
It seems easier.



  1. Very easily one of the best. And don't worry about church, I bore a lot of people ;)

  2. I would stick with the cookie scoop. The rest won't wrap well and I believe you like shiny paper. ;)

  3. So, here's the deal. The wedding WILL be perfect. Even if it rains. Even if the paper flowers or whatever your making catch on fire. Even if Chuck is 15 minutes late. Even if everyone gets food poisoning - well, to an extent. It will be perfect b/c it is your wedding. My biggest fear was that my sister's goats would get out and eat the food. Which was fine with me - as long as the didn't get ANYWHERE near my ribs! So stop freaking out. It will be perfect.


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