Sunday, February 26


What is it?

How do you define "grace"?

BossMan always used to call us "miss grace" when we would trip, or goof up when we were small.
But I don't think that's it.

I took ballet for 8 years, yet I don't think it required the same type of grace...
...which was good, because I struggled with that kind of grace anyway....

I think in this past year I have felt grace, and seen it with my own eyes.
That's not so say it wasn't there before, however it seems like until you are ready you will miss it.

Early morning is when I feel grace deep down inside my heart.
It's dark out, the stars blanket the sky and all I can hear are my own footsteps and the noises the cows make.

The air is cold, but more of a crisp-cold, and refreshing.
It's not manufactured or temperature-controlled, it's real and feels so good on my face.

I am overwhelmed with my to-do list.
My work goals, wedding preparation, looking for a home for the 3 of us.
Then I look through the window and the sky is beginning to lighten, outlining the mountains.

I read Facebook updates from friends ad acquaintances.
The first hundred are selfish, then there's that one from someone whose days are numbered.

Work is so overwhelming.
It seems like I can never get ahead in this business.
There's no room for error, each mistake has a consequence and tomorrow in unknown.
But then you remember how you got there and you trust.

Big eyes, and big dreams.


Have a blessed day!


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