Saturday, February 4

The Future Farmer

This post goes out to the future farmer out there.

The sippy-cup toting, da-da-da-da saying, little one.

The little fella, just learning to walk who, if you cock your head to the side and squint a little, you can imagine him on a horse out checking the cattle.
..With his heeler "Blue".
..And his chinks and spurs on.

The toddler just learning to get around on his own who can hold his own bottle, or maybe that's a calf bottle he's holding for a really hungry little Jersey baby?
...Smiling, always smiling.

The one who might one day show his own calf in Little Britches, all by himself.

He might not be a farmer, he might be a Dentist or perhaps Minister?
He might tell his mom he is going to be a "racecar driver" when he grows up.

No matter what, he will change the hide and watch.

But for now he will just turn one.

Happy First Birthday Jackson!


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  1. Dear Aunt Rachael, thank you so much for my corn popper! I have played with it all day and spent a good portion of my party trying to keep it away from my friends. Thank you also for the blog post. It brought tears to mommy's eyes, which I kinda thought was weird at first since the only thing that makes me cry is being hungry (and I know very well mommy had just eaten) but then she started laughing and I felt better. I love you a lot and can't wait to see you at your wedding! Love, little J


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