Wednesday, February 1

Farming: Better Than Couples' Therapy

Hey! It's February!

I know I am supposed to announce the EOM right now, but that will have to wait.
Because I can do that.
Because it's my blog.

Anyway, so it's February!
Which means it's a short month, meaning we are thatmuch closer to.....
A.  March
B.  A weddin'
C.  Me turning 29
D.  All of the above.

If you didn't pick "D" then you need more sleep.

The countdown to the BeachWeddingExtravaganza2012 is in the 40's now folks.

February is also my favorite month because it's Birthentines month.
That's right...Birthentines.

The day of my birth happens to be the day following myfavoritedayeva...Valentines Day!
Thus Chuck...poor Chuck..has dubbed it "Birthentines".
He gets a double-whammy.  Feel bad for him.

Speaking of Officer Cutie, did you know that he joined me on the farm the past two days?
Chyeah he did.  T-W-O days.
He survived.  I survived.  I call that success.

Chuck "farmed" from 1-3 on Monday, and 1-4 yesterday.
He is easing his way into freezing water I reckon.

I am at work very early in the mornings, so I get most of my "inside the barn" work done before lunch.
In the afternoons I am typically out starting the pump, bringing in cows, moving dry cows, pulling calves, cleaning hutches, etc.
Whatever needs to be done outside, I am doing it.

This is the perfect time for Chuck to come, because he would rather be outside.

Monday was not a terribly busy day.

He showed up and ended up volunteering to carry a calf into the barn for me I made him do it!

He only got a little bit muddy, as you can see in the picture, so no harm done.

Kirra, my trusty farm hand, was with us most of the time and she and Chuck got along great.

My low group of cows was outside so we went to bring them in, and Chuck worked with Kirra and her herding while I rounded up the rest of the group.

We moved a dry cow up and sat and watched a cow calving, while enjoying the sunshine.

Yesterday was a different story.

My honey came to help and I told him we needed to bring a cow in who looked like she was having a calving issue.

We found out the calf had his hooves curled up, which was causing him to get hung up on his way out.
I showed Chuck how to use the calf-jack and we quickly cranked that long-legged bull out into the world.

Momma didn't appreciate the photo op.
We then moved a few calves into hutches and got ready to feed.

While we fed calves my blood sugar hit a record LOW, and I considered killing the next thing to cross my path.
...I was hoping it would be a Keebler Elf.

After feeding the 37 calves and 45 cats, I noticed not one but TWO more heifers trying to calve.
Find the happy place.

The Jersey had been trying a bit longer and needed some help, so into the barn she went!

Chuck helped me pull the calf and then we made sure the newborn could breathe, by causing the baby to "sneeze" and blow the mucus out of his airway.

We left the mommas with their babies, and I briefly considered crying when gave me the "are we going to pull the other one?" look.

Sure, after I eat 7 Twinkies.

Because I love Chuck, and because I want Chuck to continue to love me, I ordered Eddie to keep an eye on the one in the field so that I could get some sugar into my system.

One thing is for certain, Chuck is a quick learner.
I would say he could pull a calf if need be, and could very well do all of the things that I do.
...Except breed cows.  We ALL know he wouldn't do that.

I never assumed that he would actually want to help on the farm, and I wasn't going to expect him to either.

The fact that he does lets me know tha the supports me and what I do.
That maybe one day he will do even more...maybe it will even become second nature.
Who knows?

I mean, my crime-fighting instincts weren't fully realized until I met him.
Now I'm his partner, out keeping peace on the mean streets.

I do know one thing, the more time we spend together the deeper or roots grow.
One day, not even the hardest wind will make us bend.



  1. There is something about sliding in mud while chasing a calf or being covered in sweat & hay chaff that will either made your mate turn up their nose & run away (quickly) or kiss you silly. It's weird.

  2. I agree totally.
    It's hard to have any in-between feelings about this business:).

  3. Beesh and I discussed this at length. We have decided that acertainsomeone will do ANYTHING to get a horse...


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