Wednesday, February 15


Doesn't seem that old.

This morning when I was finished feeding calves, I looked up at the moon and stars and actually felt a year older.
I think.

With each passing year we all evolve in some way or another.
Maybe we become parents?
We may become single?  Or married?
Our habits change, our routines differ in some way.

Every day that we are able to wake up is a gift.
It's a chance to be better than the day before.

The road to 29 has had its highs and lows.
Personally the lows seem to outnumber the highs, but the highs are sure catching up;).

I can honestly say that I feel like I have learned so much this first 29, that I have a significant advantage on the next 29.

Maybe this is a turning point of sorts?
The Good Lord has blessed me with countless reasons to live, other than for myself, and I feel like I can start enjoying it more.

The past 3 years have shown me who I am and who I want to be, and each day I come closer to my goal.
I'm not perfect, but I'm not supposed to be.
No one wants you to be perfect either.

I sit here at a table, that is covered with stains, paper, pens, medicine and an inch of dust...and I put myself out there.
I do it because it helps me be me.
 ...It helps me be more like Him.

I love this blog and anyone who takes a minute to read it.
When you read a blog, it's almost as if you step into someones life and see things from their perspective.

It's true, I don't necessarily like meeting new people in person,
There's always that do they like me?  thing going on.
So much expectation.

However, I do like reading what people think, and how they deal with their own situations.
I think that each of you could deal with a cow in a hay ring, a heifer with her head stuck in a barrel, or one that is lounging in a feed trough.
You're welcome.

Actually, what I'm trying to fumble around here and say is...thank you.

Thank you for reading me.
Thank you for ignoring bad grammar, misspellings, and occasionally TMI.
Thank you for comments, I don't feel like I'm alone.
Thank you for laughing, sometimes farming can be fun;).

Most of all, thank you for being you and being patient while I evolve into me.

God is always good.



  1. I love your blog. I look forward daily to reading what is new in your life. I feel I am walking beside you as you guide us through your day. You keep blogging. You enlighten so many of our lives each day on your ventures. All the pictures you show are wonderful. The animals and their habits, new birth, or the cats playing. And has anyone ever suggested for you to open your own catering business. I don't know where or how you could work it into your schedule but from your cooking pictures it looks wonderful. Love u. Mary Ann

  2. You make twenty-nine look mighty-fine, babe! Keep it up!

  3. I may not always comment, but I'm reading! :) Keep blogging friend! I'm learning so much . . . Hugs!!!! Julie


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