Monday, February 6

36 Days

...Until the wedding!

Have you made the 75 tissue-paper flowers that I asked you to make?
What?  Yes, yes I did.
Of course I didn't forget! 
I specifically asked you to make tissue paper flowers after you finish hand-stitching my veil.
Now, chopchop!


Let's be honest here for a second...I have ZERO motivation to make tissue paper flowers.
Having said that be prepared for The Heat to freeeeaaaakkkkk ooooouuuuuttttt....

It's OK mom, I'll do it.

Other than that I kindasortaalmost think things are together-ish.
It's that kind of confidence that keeps me going...

I have been mentally occupied this week with work and haven't really had time to do much else, including talk to you fine people...I apologize.

My favoritedogherdingcousinAmy came to town and I got to eat de-licious sushi with her!

Do you like sushi?
I do, it's like edible art.
...and you can eat it too.

Chuck farmed three times in the past week, and even brought Caden out yesterday!

I had Caden feed my newest addition, the little black-baldy who 'appeared' in my calving barn under the heat lamp one morning.
...things like that happen.

The little guy didn't like me at first...the calf not Caden.
Then I made him love me by showing him that I am his only source of food...the calf not Caden.
Then I accidentally kicked him in the head with my poopy boot...Caden not the calf.
...It's a long story, but there were no tears.

I also have been baking/cooking up a storm lately.
Brisket, cheesy grits, cakes and cookies oh my!

The brisket changed my life.
It will change yours lie.

I am in the process of getting my pictures uploaded then I will share with you the ways of the beef.
The cakes and cookies are courtesy of a couple of blogs I have been reading: Sweetapolita and David Lebovitz.

Davids' Chocolate Chocolate-Chip cookies are to die for!  So easy too...they have that perfect crisp/shiny top and gooey good.

Little Man J had a great first birthday and loved his 'corn popper' that hisFAVORITEauntRachael got him!
Play your cards right and there might be a 'corn popper' in your future:).

ANYway, I think those are my updates as of now...

Beenie and I have another meeting in Athens today, and cannot wait to see what kind of chicken they will have for our lunch;).

Pins and needles I tell ya.


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  1. Next time, no crunchy surprise, mkay?

    I only have 39 days to fit into my bikini?! Eeeek! Wait, we are wearing bikinis to the wedding, yes?... #firstbeachwedding


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