Saturday, February 18

Keys to Working on a Farm: Choose Your Battles

Yes, there are approximately 37 holes in my five thousand foot hose.
And yes, I did go to the co-op last week and purchase an industrial hose for the parlor, while verymuch NOT buying one to replace this one.
Hose:1 Me:0.

So maybe that's not a great example, but it's battle for another day.
Maybe one of those days when you feel like nothing is going right, and your team just needs a "win".
Shoot, replace the hose and your everyone's hero.  Boooyah!

You have to remember that working on a farm is a battle in itself, and if you're like me you don't wanna lose.
So if at all possible, choose wisely.

I mean, you're going to have those three-calves-trying-to-be-born-AtTheSameTime kind of days, and in that case by golly give it your all.
On those days if your didn't get a lot of new things accomplished, at least you got that one and no one will blame you.

In some cases though the day might be kind of "slow", not a lot of disaster going on.
Never fear!  There's always something to tackle.

The Hondurans out of dish soap in the parlor?  Take them some!  You may get lucky and bring them the "right" kind, in which case they will get your attention by getting scaryclose and pointing at the container while saying, "Gracias, muy bueno", like you have just saved their child from the Amazon and they are dedicating their life to you..
That's right Bon Jovi, you're a rock star for the day.

Is there a calf in the beef field that needs some attention, however has a Crazy momma?  No problem!  Load up your fiance', dog and Tim in the feed truck and head out!
Sure the ride may be silent, as the 4 of you contemplate what is fixin' to take place, and whether or not you told anyone where you were going...which you didn't..but hey!  You're doing a good thing.

Did Teddie pull the plug out of the wet brewers pit again, causing the water from the grain to leak out and make a mess?  Even after you told them not to 352 times??
Listen closely, this is where the battle hits a new level...
Because they did this to spite you, you must not only win the battle...but make a point.
For example, maybe you notice the plug is missing, at which point you might fill the hole full of wet lime before you feed that night, after which the loader could almost be out of fuel, but you possibly didn't notice, and since Teddie will be using it the next day you park it don't worry about it.
All of which I did yesterday.
The plug will stay for a while.

But remember!!!  A battle with BossMan is never a good idea.
You might as well go and try to explain something to the Hondurans.

It's like keepin' cats out of the milk replacer.  Not gonna happen.



  1. #acceptance is key, my bestie....

  2. Duct tape might buy you a few more weeks on that hose. Rachael: 1/2 Hose: 1/2


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