Thursday, February 23


This is one of the more difficult posts for me to write because feelings are hard to describe.

My older sister, Malinda, is so much a part of me that without her I would be lost.

She is so many things, and today I would like to share just a few of them with you:).

Malinda is my best friend and always will be.
Being just 2 years apart and growing up on a farm, we were pretty much it for each other.

I called her "sister" until she made me stop in the first grade, because when she would walk me to class it embarrassed her.

She always walked me to class because I was scared.
She could walk into a new place and not care a thing about who was looking at her, or what was going on...she had that confidence about her.

Our rooms were next to each other, and I spent many a night sleeping in her bed.
I was a bit of a scaredy cat, and she was my safe place.
We would lie in bed and play the alphabet game or I would annoy her until she would stop reading and talk to me.

Malinda was/is/always will be quicker on the draw.
I always/was the little "thick" sister who got stuck at the barn in the dark, because she 'called' everything first.

I used to bite her on the arm when she would make me mad....

She had me convinced she had magical powers, but would actually cheat at hide and seek.
...I pulled the ribbon out of her cassette tapes for that.

She looovvveeeed Jospeh from the New Kids On The Block, and I was enamored with Jordan.

We rode together to high school, and she would make me stop singing in the car.
I like to think it was because my voice was so angelic, it brought her to tears.
She thought it was because I couldn't carry a tune if it was surgically attached.
Sisters are honest like that.

Malinda is always the last one to tell you about her accomplishments.

There are many that I am sure I don't even know.
She is the most selfless person I know.

When she was in labor with Jackson, I realized how deeply we were bonded.
The whole time all I could think about was her, and what she was going through.
I was worried, yes, but it was more a feeling of heartache.

She is the driving force behind me being convinced that I can be a great mother.
She IS the most fantastic mother I have ever known.

She makes everything look so doable.
Juggling being on-call, residency, flying home, being a wonderful wife, and taking time for herself...all the while raising a baby boy is more than most could handle.
She makes it look easy.

Malinda is my rock.
My constant in a world full of variables.
She was my first best friend and will be my last.
Sisters like her are gifts from God.

Happy Birthday Malinda!

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  1. I whole-heartedly agree with every description of her character.

    But NKOTB?!.....REALLY?!?!

    Happy bday, Drmycousinmalinda! I love you.


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