Monday, January 30

Keys to Working on a Farm: Moving Calves

After you have been working on a farm for about a year, you begin to notice patterns.
As in, crop patterns, feed patterns and heifer field patterns.

Crop patterns being the order in which you grow the crops, and the fields they are rotated into.
Feed patterns being the season, or time of year during which a certain feed grain or haylage is harvested, and is therefore added to the feed ration.

Heifer field patterns refers to the ridiculous carousel of movement they make from field to field every3months.

From the time they are born to the time they calve they move 8 times.
And they don't get on Orbitz and purchase a ticket either.
Nosir, they are loaded onto a trailer and schlepped from field to field.

BTW, they don't "load" willingly.

There are reasons for these moves, of course.
Bigger fields more suitable for their size and age, culminating in a field with a bull.

Then they come back home and have their baby.
Then they provide the world with their milk.

Why am I telling you this?
Why is this a "key"?

Not really.
Because if YOU want to be successful, which I am sure YOU do, then YOU will read my words carefully...

BossMan is the calf-moving ring leader.


I have been moving calves with him for so long, I can't remember not driving the truck.

It's a family outing, of sorts.

Ma is there, and cousin Nelly and mamaw with uncle Jud and the other uncle Jud....
I kid.

But The Heat does help, along with Malinda(before she escaped the island), Beenie(even with a broken arm), Taylor(with 7 shirts on), Mercy(and his big feet) and me...the driver/runner.

The BossMan has this down to a science...his science.
He wants the trailer backed at a certain angle, 2.5 inches from the side of the barn everySingleTime.

And if it's not?
Then I do it again.

Oh, please understand that by being the sole trailer baker-upper you are agreeing to take the reigns of the beast and the occasionally harsh I-wanna-quit-my-job words that are spouted at you.

Everyone knows their job, and it's to NOT let a calf get by you.
If you do? Then you might as well go home and start  fire in the kitchen.
It's easier to deal with.

If you do your job well, then you might just get a "That's the way Rachael, throw that calf" tossed your way.
That was a good day.

 I have been known to have an "off" day as far as backing is concerned, and after the seventeenth do-over, I jumped out of the truck, looked at BossMan, and said "You do it!".
And he did.
The first time.


Keep in mind that you can't get out of it.
The Heat hobbled down there with one foot wrapped up yesterday and helped.

You have a Church function?
Don't worry, the BossMan will wait until you are free!

You have to work?
That's OK!  Work can wait!

I guess the only advice I have is to brush up on your basketball defensive skills and put your headphones in.
Oh, and keep your feelings in your pocket.

Good luck!



  1. NOW I understand the purpose for having a big family!


  2. Round here we leave our feeling in the truck. It is too easy to pull it out of your pocket for someone to step on. Believe me, there is great sport in stomping that sucker flat.


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