Saturday, December 31

New Years Eve and 12 Grapes

Happy New Year!!
..wait, wait, wait....
Happy New Years Eve!!!
That's better.

What are your plans?
Watch the ball drop?
Go to a partay?
Eat one grape with each chime of the clock at midnight?
-I read that somewhere. You could never be as weird as me.

What am I gonna do?
Hmmmm....I think Chuck and I will go out and party, then get in about the time I have to go feed calves...
I kid.

I'll probably be in bed by ten.
The way I see it, if the sun rises Sunday, then we have ourselves a new year.
If it doesn't, no biggie, all of my affairs are in order;).

Besides, it will be sooooo crowded tonight...sheesh.
Last night it was pretty crowded out too.

We went out to eat around 7, and evidently EVERYone else decided to do the same thing.
I looked at Chuck and was all offended that people stole our idea, and said, "What's the deal?!".
He responded with, "It's the day before New Years Eve", in a very matter-of-fact way.

No.World. That's where.

So I rolled my eyes, gave the ceiling a good "thanks for this" look, and sat down with my friends at the bar.
Saigon joined us, and instead of saying hello, I believe I said somethingtotheeffectof, "I took 25,000 steps today!!!!".

This FitBit, or "Cliff "as I call it,  has become a bit of an enabler.
I decided that since I walked over 2x the "normal human being" amount of steps, that I could have 2 cookies when I got home.

Cliff is rather worldly.
I cannot figure out his nationality, because occasionally he will say "VAMOS BEBE", making me think he is Hispanic.
Then he will turn around and say, "BONJOUR BEBE", seeming rather French.
Maybe he's just a show-off.

One thing's for sure, Cliff loves me.
He says, "ILOVEYOU BEBE",like, allll the time.
I make him look like a rockstar.
We meet all but one of our daily goals, by ten AM every day.

ANYway, back to the New Years business...
Are you going to make a resolution?
I probably won't, seeing as I never have.

Are you going to eat the "lucky" foods on New Years day?
Pffffftttt! You should!
I am planning a New Years meal consisting of, pork roast, greens(Kale), and black eyed pea risotto.
...and probably have to have cake.

I think I will even take some pictures, if Edna is willing to cooperate.
You should come over!!
You don't even have to call, you know I am home when you see my superhero outfit outside the door...

...providing easy access in case of an emergency.
(Looks like someone put clothes on the snowman again....)

Happy New Year!!
Be safe!
See you in 2012!

P.s.  I was thinking about the grape thing...that's like 12 grapes in 12 seconds...can you fit 12 grapes in your mouth? There's no way you could get those suckers chewed up in time.  Just a thought.  Safety first.

P.P.s. I realize now that I should have washed off my boots before I stepped on the rug.  Sorry Heat.

P.P.P.s. I'm getting married next year!!!!!!

P.P.P.P.s. IfTheSunDoesNotRiseRememberILoveYou.

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