Tuesday, December 27

A Little Bit Fit

Remember that little tid bit of info I blessed you with yesterday morning?
About the steps, calories, miles and floors?
Immabout to 'splain that.

But First!
What's your New Years resolution?
Don't act like you haven't already thought about it....sheesh!
I know you, so come on, let it out...

Is it to lose weight?
Stay fit?
Avoid the cake?
OR...is it to fold your laundry in a more time-efficient manner, so as to avoid "mount laundry"?
-Not that I would know anyone with that resolution in mind....

Well, if health is your priority then read on! 
(If it's laundry, you may wanna check out a more organized website...)
We keep it real folks.

For Christmas The Heat got me this little thingammajig called a Fitbit..

..and it's awesome!

You already know this, but allow me to remind you that I am abitofan information junkie.
I wanna know!

I just do, I can't help it.
...Please excuse me while I go back and join the nerds in the nerdery...
I kid.

You can find these little magic thingies on the Fitbit website.
My friend Kristy, who is mother to a hi-larious blog herself, introduced me to the Fitbit.

Kristy raved about them, and cried when hers broke...so I knew anything worth tears is worth looking into;).
I did and knew I could not live without the vital information that it provides.
I need to know how many floors I climb in a day!
OK, maybe I don't have to know...but I want to.

Because I was on the "nice" list this year, Santa Heat gifted me with information to feed my soul.
..she's good like that.

Now I know everything!
Plus, I am logging in alllllllll of the food I eat, and sleep I get each day online!
(Even the 6, OK 8, pieces of peanut butter fudge I ate yesterday....it's the guilt.)

This little gem clips onto your clothing, or you can put it in your pocket, or even use the little wrist/arm/ankle band that it comes with.
Very light, very easy.
I clip mine onto the waist band of my Under Armour, and my sports bra when I run...TMI?
My bad.

It gives you basic goals online, and when your wireless tracker updates your account online, it sends you emails telling you "Congratulations on reaching your goal!!"...AWEsome.

My "basic" goals for each day(set for me) include;
-Take10,000 steps
-Climb 10 floors
-Travel 5 miles
-Burn 2,184 calories

Wanna know what my stats were by the end of yesterday?
(It doesn't matter, I'm gonna tell you anyway.)
-I took 21,687 steps
-Climbed 56 floors
-Traveled 10.73 miles
-Burned 2,805 calories.

I know what you're thinking..."Rachael, how can it be accurate? You're a sucker...".
Thank you for that.

Saigon and I asked the same question last night.
I held the device in my hand and bounced, swung, shook and jiggled it and...nothing.
It did not add steps or anything.  Hmmm....
So, we noted the amount of steps on it at that time, and I counted my steps to the truck until I reached 100.
Guess what?
For real.

Now I'm sold.

It does this thing that freaks me out a little bit though...
You can "name" it, or choose a word that it will greet you with on the little screen.
There are a limited amount of letters, so I was stumped.
ILOVECOWS, wouldn't fit...
COWLADY wouldn't fit...
SQUEEZINUDDERANDMAKINBUTTER definitely wouldn't fit...
So I settled for BEBE.

Malinda called me Bebe, instead of baby, when I was born. 
After telling Chuck about this, he started calling me that too...'cept like rightnow.

Little did I know that my Fitbit would use this name often...
When I am not active for a hot 5 minutes, it says things like,

It gives me that "you're not alone" feeling.
But that's OK, I have already taken 2,421 steps today!


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