Monday, December 12

On the Third Day of Christmas..

.....My true love gave to me....

THREE fuzzy kittens!

Ha! You didn't think we would make it through this without some felines, did you?
Come on now!  Don't you even know me??

I don't know how these cute kitten calendar people do it, but I can forthelifeofme get these kittens in the same spot, at the same time...goodness.

Mercy tried to help, and well...

you see what happened.

These three rotten kittens are the newest additions to the "crew" at the calf barn.

They just appeared, like so many do, inside my feed room, in front of the heater one morning.

I opened the door and ta-da!

Two of them were very open-minded and loved them some feed lady.
The other, he hated me with a blind passion.
Growl, hiss, spit..we had never met!

Now, he loves me.
What can I say...I grow on people.
(And eventually wear them down).

He does seem to still have the attitude problem though...

He has a very large belly, compared to his body size, and takes his food very.seriously.

I empty a hand full of dry food in front of the three, and he covers it with his whole body.
No joke.  Then he growls when you touch him.
Trouble maker.

Hmmm...I wonder what my true love will have in store on the fourth day?

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  1. Maybe your true love will give you some dewormer?...


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