Friday, December 9

I Can't Make These Things Up

There I was, all ready to tell you what happened on the "Second Day of Christmas", and then ....
...well, this happened.

Good old 6434.
Evidently at some point last night she had decided to "make sure" all of the hay was out of the ring.
Quality check.

I imagine the idea seemed flawless on the front end, however hindsight is 20/20...asyoucansee.

I found her BESIDE.THE.ROAD. like this.
Actually, she was laying down, having obviously accepted the fact that she would now spend the rest of her life inside the hay ring.
No way around it.
Oh well....

And don't think for one second I don't know what people thought as they drove past the dry cow lot this morning...
"Oh, those farmers. It's such a shame the way they treat their animals. First making them stand in the rain, and now THIS!"
"I wonder if they know she is in there?! Let's stop and tell them! Better yet, let's call the police and they can handle it!"

People can be so helpful and understanding.

I saw her first thing...I mean, how can you miss her?

I was on the phone with my Honey, when I spotted the situation...
"I'm gonna check and see if I have any new babi---?OH!BAHHHAAAAAHAHAHAHA! Hold on...WAIT! Let me call you back I have to take a picture....".
I am sensitive to their needs like that...

I called him back, then lifted the hay ring and 6434 walked right out.
No 'thank you' no nothin'.
But I got a picture.  Win.

These things just can't seem to help from happening.
One day, a couple of summers ago, I came back from lunch only to find a bull stuck in a hay ring.
....only he was walking across the field in it, pushing it forward with his head.

He was headed to a cow in heat, on the OTHER side of the fence.
I caught him halfway across the field, and freed him, because I'm not made for those kinds of calamities.
True story.

Not many things stand in the way of a bull in luv.
Inside a hay ring, barbed wire fence between the two...where there's a bull, there's a way.

I gotta run out and feed real fast, but I'm wearing new coveralls...which means I'm rockin' the awesome.
Get ready for the 'Second Day of Christmas' though!
It's right up there with new coveralls....and those are hard to beat:).

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