Monday, January 2

January Employee of the Month!!

It's hard to be the first EOM of 2012.
There's a lot of pressure.

The first EOM sets the bar for the next to strive toward.
It's not a title to be taken lightly.

Therefore, I am pleased to announce an employee who is well-deserving of this award.
An employee who always works hard, and is there ten minutes late when I call.

The January Employee of the Month is.....

Mercy!!! Woohooo!

A little about Mercy:
Nickname: Mercy-licious
Job title: Whateverheistoldtodo
Zodiac sign: Cancer
General demeanor: "whatever"
Extracurricular activities: Soccer
New Years resolution: "To actually try in school" (*sigh*)
Two words to describe Mercy: Easy. going.
Hobbies: Giving hugs and collecting weapons
Approximate height: 8 feet tall
Approximate weight: 100 lbs soaking.wet.
Shoe size: Average length of a kayak
Biggest fan: Lydia Ledbetter, our 100-year old neighbor. He mows her yard.

What his BossLady(Blanca Diablo) says about him: "Mercy is a real piece of work, but a fine young man nontheless.  One minute he will be chopping wood, and the next he will show up behind you carrying a kitten in his pocket.  Good kid though, and he is developing a lot of cow intuition.  If the world-time was ten minutes late, Mercy would always be on time."

There you have it!
The January Employee of the Month.
We expect great things from this young man.

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