Tuesday, December 20

Everybody Wants to Be a Cat

...because a cat's the only cat, who knows where it's at:).

I mean really....

Don't you want to do this alllll the live long day?

If I could be any animal, I would be a cat.
A neutered cat....it can be a scary world, trust me.

It doesn't seem like cats ever have to worry about anything.
They sure don't stress.

I stress.
Hi, my name is RachAEL and I stress.

I made a life-altering discovery last night though.
And you bet your buttons Imma gonna tell ya.

See theses?......

I made these last night.
-One the left you have dark chocolate buttercrunch, a King Arthur flour recipe.
-On the right, looking smashing, is a pan of toffee millionaires, recipe courtesy of Martha Stewart.

Need to bake a gift for someone?
Have a sugar/chocolate/amazingness craving?
Make these. For reals.

The discovery I made was that, the more stressed I am at the end of the day=the more I bake.
I baked a lot last night.

I had anther calf yesterday, and I imagine if it were light enough out, I would see yet another one in the field now.
This is not what stressed me.

The calves are great news!
Always a good sign.

However, the fact that my rock didn't come in yesterday works on me.
I made it a point to get things done quickly, in order to work calves in time to set up a new row of hutches for my ELEVEN, currently homeless, babies.

It's hard for me to work calves out of hutches before weaning, because that means I have to feed them milk in a trough...DOTDOTDOT.


Calves don't discriminate based on what is IN the trough they decide to lay in.
A calf in a trough of milk, would ruin the party for everyone.

So, I wait until they are off milk to work them, and move them out of hutches.

Yesterday I went to lunch smelling of blood, sweat and burnt horns.
...there is NOTHING that covers up the burnt horn smell...nothing.
My "afternoon" load of rock never came, therefore I fed ELEVEN loose calves bottles this morning.
...that's ELEVEN head-butts to the leg, if you're counting.

Trucking seemed to be a Monday issue, as well.
I have a load of wet brew that was supposed to be here LAST FRIDAY, and distillers that needs to come NOW.
As of NOW, neither are here.

When you rely on trucking, for more than Christmas gifts, you learn to roll with the punches.
Things happen.
Trucks break down.
Drivers get lost.
...I'm fairly certain I could have driven a horse-drawn semi to Georgia, picked up the wet brew and made it back in time for supper...last Sunday.

Oh well.

So, how did I deal with no rock, wet brewers, OR distillers grains?
I made a wholebunchofgoodies.
...and worried as I baked.

Make no mistake...
I am NEVER stressed enough to clean;).


  1. I know how you feel! I don't think dads Christmas gift will be here in time!
    (I got nuttin here...)

  2. Aww so cute. I want a cat! I want to be a cat, too.


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