Thursday, December 1

December Employee of the Month!!

On the farm, we embrace all of those little things that make each cow an individual.
Different is good!

Our employee of the month for December is truly an individual.
She has it all; sass, class and a big ol'.......

Set of horns!

It is my privilege to introduce to you, 9925, or "Jada" as she prefers to be called.

Jada is 2 years old, and she was born on February 18th 2009.

More often than not, Jerseys seems to have a bit more attitude than their Holstein friends.
Jada is no exception to this rule.

Weighing in at less than 50 pounds at birth, caused her to be a bit of a "latebloomer".   
Thus, when everyone else was going through the "dehorning" stage, she had not yet begun to show her horns.

By the time she made it to having her first calf, she and her horns were full-grown.

Having horns in a barn full of cows who sometimes outweigh her 3 times over, is clearly to Jada's advantage.
She knows what she wants, and even the biggest boss-cow won't stand in her way.

Jada is one of the first to be milked, and the first back to the feed.

She's a trooper.
As a matter of fact, just yesterday she found out that she is pregnant and due to calve next summer.
Way to go Jada!

She's a jewel, a doll, just don't ask her which direction to go or she just might confuse you....
Much like the scarecrow from the Wizard Of Oz.

In a world full of uniformity, different is refreshing.

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