Sunday, December 4

A Post of a Different Color...

OK, so this post is going to be a little..ummm...different.
But different is good, right?!
Just nod your head with me....

First of all, I need for you to know that I DO NOT think I am a know-it-all about exercise OR good habits.

Second, this is NOT the be-all to end-all on fitness advice.

Third, I DO NOT normally give advice willy-nilly, however recent events have caused me to want to share the following.

You may not know that I have a minor obsession with staying fit.
It's kinda my "hobby".

Yes, my love is farming and my passion is baking, but my hobby...well it revolves around daily trips to the gym...or out to run.
It's inexplicable, however it seems to pair really well with my passion...

I have been approached several times in the past month by people seeking any advice, tips or tricks to keeping fit through the Holidays.
I can't possibly know everyones' personal issues with fitness, however I can lend a hand in advice on forming good habits that can fit into almost any lifestyle.

Don't get me wrong, I have my own body-image issues...but I work through those and try to stay positive.

I do a lot of reading...books, fitness magazines, lifestyle magazines, and take what I can from each in order to apply it to my life.
It's hard, but where there's a will there's a way...right?

ALL of that being said, I thought I would offer a list of great tips I have acquired through the past few years.
These are things that I try to apply to my life, because I want to feel good and healthy:)....not "skinny".

- Start each morning off with a big glass FULL of cold water!
If you can squeeze lemon in it, that's even better.
This is mainly to get your metabolism going, and to help flush out toxins from your system.
Think of metabolism as a machine that needs to be fed. 
When you don't feed it, it doesn't work like it should.
...I drink a litre...but I'mAWeirdo.

- Make GOOD breakfast habits!
This should be your most thoughtful, packed-with-goodness meal of the day!
Coffee and a muffin or donut are not acceptable.  I'm sorry but they aren't.
Anyone can plan ahead for breakfast. (I make mine the night before.)
It doesn't have to be eggs and toast and the whole nine yards...oatmeal or heart-healthy cereal are great options! 
Throw in some fruit(I use frozen blueberries) and you have some simple-sugars and fiber too!
Breakfast is THE MOST IMPORTANT meal!  Feed the machine!
Caffeine boosts your metabolism, so coffee is not a bad thing!  Just watch the milk, cream, sugar..because those are adding calories, carbs and fat.

-Eat numerous times a day!
When I was training for figure, I ate every 2-3 hours.
ALWAYS started my day with oatmeal and blueberries, then I would have an apple with peanut butter or piece of cheese 3 hours later, workout, then eat lunch, 3 hours later have a snack , then dinner.
You might not be hungry right.then...but you will be.  Chances are when you do get hungry, you will hit rock-bottom allAtOnce and eat whatever is closest...and it won't be pretty.
When you're at the store, buy a few apples for the week.  Don't like apples? Buy bananas or something else comparable in nutrition and quality. 
Yes, fruit has simple sugar, but you burn that off more quickly than foods full of carbs and fat. 
What you don't burn, you store! 
Having a good snack buys you time to plan for a great meal.

-Drink lots of WATER!
Drink with purpose people.
Have a great diet but can't figure out why your gaining weight?
What do you drink?
Soda, sweet tea, coffee drinks, wine or beer?
Where do you think all of that goes?
Sure, it might be diet, but do you really think all of those artificial sweeteners go right through you?
The beauty of drinks, is that they have labels.
Read the label...then drink it.

-Read labels!
Be that person at the store who is holding up everyone in the pasta aisle, because you are checking labels.
Knowledge is power.
When I read labels I read them in this order; carbs, sugar, protein, fiber, sodium, calories, fat..serving size.
Then I decide, based upon all of the information presented, if it is worth buying.
Condiments are sneaky places for sugar and sodium to hide!
Know what is in your ketchup or mayo...and how much a "serving" is.

-Be accountable!
I have a number of friends who either cannot workout because of health reasons, or just simply do not have time.
It's OK, just remember to be accountable for what you put in your body!
My best advice to those who cannot do physical activity is to eat smart and have a cut-off for carbs.
What I mean is, have a certain time set and make a conscious effort to not eat carbs after that time.
Now, be honest, that time shouldn't be 9pm....mmmmk?
It is true, your body does burn calories while you sleep(the machine is always at work), BUT it doesn't burn them the same way as if you're awake.
The calories you burn while you're sleeping should be those that are stored...not the ice cream you ate before bedtime...

-Don't starve yourself!
Think you will lose weight if you just don't eat lunch?
You might lose a bit..but your body will go into "starvation mode", which means it's thinking, goodgosh! What if I neverGetFedAgain!? I better store all of this just in case! 
This results in your body storing more food, than it allows to be burned.

It's not that scary...for reals.
Fiber fills you up, keeps your digestive system moving, and takes fat with it!
Win, win, win, win, win!
Fiber also helps keep your blood sugar manageable, by helping to prevent the dreaded bottomed-out feeling that you get when you're hungry.

I have gone on and on, and I am sorry for's just something that I am interested in.
I know that I, for one, do not eat the healthiest, or cook the healthiest meals..but I hold myself accountable for everything I put in my body.

It is my belief that you can indulge BUT you must also exhibit self control.
There is wrong with eating cake...just remember that when you are making food choices throughout the day.

I have a physically demanding job, and I workout...therefore I give myself a little leeway in terms of my diet.
However, I cannot remember the last time I ate fast food or had a cola. 

I have a family history of health problems, including heart the subject of staying healthy is very close to me.
Most of you probably already knew everything I listed, and that's great...thanks for bearing with me;).
Those of you who didn't maybe took something away..that is my hope.

I love you, beyond words, and life is so precious.
Do what you can to stay around a little bit longer, you never know who is counting on you:).


  1. nice picture of J-Money.

  2. That is a great picture! I must have taken it.

    Nice post. I started my morning with a huge glass of water! (Thankstothemoonshine.)


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