Sunday, December 11

The Meek

My heart is heavy today.

I am often reminded how fragile life is, and the importance of protecting what we love for as long as we can.
You are only young once, right?

I am guilty of getting so lost in my own world, that I don't realize what is going on around me.
My day-to-day activities consume my thoughts, thereby making the news reports I hear merely background noise.

There was a time during which I swore off watching or listening to the news...because it was always bad.
No one wants to hear about acts of kindness..only violence, or so it seems.

However, if you want to know current events, you tend to have to endure the "bad" to get to the "boring".
But I am by no means, well-versed in "today's events".
I'm OK with that.

Last night, Chuck and I attended his NS dinner.
It was nice.
...Then again it's always nice to shed the 12 pounds of coveralls and boots, in favor of more "feminine" attire.
I am a lady, ya know:).

During dinner, a few tragic events from the past were brought up, and I just sat and listened.
Chuck, between his old job and new, has seen a lot.
So much, that I don't give him enough credit for his ability to "compartmentalize" all of the bad.
I really don't think I could do that.
It would consume me.

On the way home, we talked about how things that happen now, would have been unheard of 30 years ago.
Terrible, unimaginable things, have lost their "shock factor".
We're numb.

Or, at least, the majority of people are numb.
I cannot say I am one of them.

People never cease to amaze me.  For real.
Maybe that's why I do what I do?
Hiding is not an option can't run.

I installed surveillance cameras, and we are locking gates that we never locked before.
Where has all of the trust gone?
Was there ever any, or are we just too unassuming?

Expect the unexpected.

That seems extreme to me. What do you think?
Should we assume the worst from people?
Why can't we enjoy today, for what it is?

This is not just another day.
This is a gift.
Why don't we treat it as such?

I'll be the first to tell you that I am too soft for the "business" aspect of this job.
I can throw down with the best of 'em...don't you worry.
However, I take my animals to heart. 
I don't mean I baby them, I just take care of them.
They are fairly defenseless, and don't really have much of a say-so in what goes on, so I feel like I need to protect them.

The more I read, and the more I hear it seems like we are all fairly defenseless.
We are "meek".
We all need to be protected.

"Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth."
Matthew 5:5

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  1. I refuse to turn on the tv or listen to anything but xm thanks to that. It has taken me years, but I finally have Mams broken from telling me all the bad crap she hears too... *sigh*


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