Saturday, December 17

On the Fifth Day of Christmas..

..My  weird true love gave to me...

FIVE gift ideas! ...bombombom...

OK, the picture has zero to do with the post.
The post content is not quite on the same track of the "Twelve Days of Christmas".
BUT...I was inspired to share with you a few last minute gift ideas, based on things that I love.

First, I have to tell you something.
..something weird.
..something I am still shaking my head about.
..something about Chuck.

Chuck has had a reeeaaally loooonnng past few months.  (Pssst! He isn't the only one.)
There has been a lot of confusion, sleep deprivation, prayer, stress and anxiety.
..Don't even get me started on what he has gone through...

It all sort of culminated yesterday...before we went shopping.
He had A.LOT. on his mind.

He had been acting sort phone conversations all day.
So I knew something was up.
Then it began...

I got home and showered after work and asked him a simple question, "where are we going?'.
His response was to answer me while walking the other way....likeIcanhearhim.
I got dressed for the mall.  Whatever.

We didn't even listen to the radio on the way to the mall.
I didn't need it, for he thoroughly entertained me the entire way.

I kept watching him while he was obviously having conversations in his head.
He would make a face, and I would shout out: "YEAH! You tell 'em!".
He would jerk forward and I would bust out a: "WHAT? You want someofTHIS?!".
He threw his hand up, at which point Iwasalllike: "PSHHH! Do you blame me?!!".

I narrated the entire time.
I really felt like I was witnessing a one-man confrontation.

When I would throw out the words, obviously scene-related, he would cut his eyes toward me briefly before continuing to give that person the what-for.

Finally, I took a step back and looked at the situation.
Then I said: "STOP BEING WEIRD!".

And continued to say that each time he decided to pick a fight with...himself...

So, we went shopping last night!
ACTually, I already had mine finished.
I am so glad I went though, considering the state Chuck was in.

I decided to safety-up and have him give me a list of what he needed.
Then I sat him on the train at the mall, and told him NOT to "de-train" until I came and got him.

I kid...about the train.

Seeing all of those last-minute shoppers(can you believe Christmas is next weekend?!) made me think of the things I, as a CrazyCowLady, can't live without.

Since I am ridiculously behind won't make my deadline,  here are the top five;

The Top Five Things Every CowLady Needs; (bombombom)..

5.  The PERFECT travel coffee cup!

I have this one from Starbucks, 'cept mine is all dark brown(prettier).
It's perfect I tell you!
-Keeps my coffee hot for at least 3 hours.
-Won't spill when the cats knock it off the water heater.
-The handle is PERFECT for hanging on gates when I pull calves.

4.  Gloves!
Do you have an inner Edna?
If so, you should keep her hands warm.
If not, buy gloves because Edna can be a party-pooper.  (Sorry Edna.)
I wear these ones on the outside...

..and these ones on the inside...

Edna requires two pairs of gloves at ALL times.

DON'T be that person who just buys someone "a pair" of gloves....pffft!
Buy a good pair, that you don't have to take off every two minutes in order to open a gate..or pick your nose.
Think ahead people.

3.  Under Armour!
For goodness sakes, you MUST have your Under Armour Coldgear!
..I'm wearing mine now actually:).
These  on the bottom...

(Yes, that is a picture of me modeling them....)
Don't believe me.

And zeeeeesssss on ze tops..

You're warm.
You're stylish.
Those are what count.
A cold dairy farmer is a DONE dairy farmer.

2.  A vest!
I'm being serious.
I LOVE my vest.

Having never been a vest person, I sort of tossed it to the side when BossMan gave it to me a while back.
Then, one cold day, I put it on.
The rest, is vest history.

This is the one I sport..

...fashionable, I know.
I have been known to wear mine in the summer with a t-shirt at work.
I caught a chill....don't judge me.
The pockets are big too!!

1. A Bluetooth headset!
For real.
It will change your life.

I don't make phone calls without mine.
I will actually wait to call someone until I am able to use my Bluetooth...Immaspoiledgirl.

This isn't the one I have..
But it's really pretty and has great reviews.

Chuck is addicted to his as well.
I can pull calves, IV cows, chase directionally-challenged animals and breed cows all while NOT having to hold my ear against my shoulder.
It's SOOOO enabling.

Get this for the one you love, BUT NEVER allow them to wear it;
-at the grocery store.
-in the mall.
-in the bathroom.




  1. A couple of things... Are we confirming Chuckles has multiple personalities?

    Second, please don't ever blue tooth me when you're breeding cows....

  2. 1. I can neither confirm nor deny, atthemoment.
    2. No prob! Starting....NOW.

  3. I do like the list. Seems to cover my exact wish list. You must have that ESPN stuff...


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