Wednesday, December 7

On the First Day of Christmas....

....My true love gave to me.....

A calf with a bucket on her head...bombombom...

OK, so maybe I'm a couple..sevenish...days behind, but who said you have to start on the first anyway??

I would rather start somewhere in the middle, and keep you guessing.
I mean, really I should start on the twelfth of December, that way the song ends ON Christmas day, right?

But how many of you are gonna read this on Christmas?
I know you.
I got yo numba homie.

I will probably post something inspirational on that day, but that'sjustme.
I'll be working anyway.

Baaaaack to the matter at hand....

Exhibit A.

This little angel is one of 42 calves I have on milk.
36 of which are in hutches(no vacancy there), and the rest whereverICanFindASpot.
Stalls....The Heat's basement....the backseat of my truck...ya know, cozy spots.

Mercy still helps me feed in the evenings, but in the morning it's a whollllle different story.
A whirlwind of blood, sweat and milk replacer.

The entire process would take a lot less time if I didn't have cheeky little gals who put buckets on their heads, run into EVERYthing and deposit them in the veryBACK of their hutch....
Not that I'm pointing fingers.

AND I haven't even told you what happened last Friday morning,
Well, I am just now able to laugh about it, seeing as last week was an ugly blur...
I'll tell you now...

It all started Thursday evening, when I got a call from a 'restricted' number.
(I don't normally answer those calls..kinda weird ifYouAskMe.)

I answered it...(I'mPretty)..and the other line paused, for what seemed like an ETERNITY, then said "...mmmmichelle...?".
So I hung up. True story.

It was on my mind for the remainder of the evening, because my Hondurans occasionally call me that.
It infuriates me when they do.

I didn't get anymore calls, so I tried not to worry.
If it was important, surely they would call back..and how was I even sure it was them?!

I get to work Friday morning, head to the calf barn...and there they are.
ALL 16 of the big, weaned calves from the corral are out.
Actually...they are inside the barn, sleeping soundly on EVERYthing their little hooves had destroyed.

I, very calmly, woke them up and herded them into their pen, then closed the gate.
One of the calves in their group, had decided to stick her head through the gate, take it OFF the hinges and free the rest of the prisoners...
I'm tellin' you...CHEEKY.

Disaster averted.
Or so I thought...

A couple of hours later, when I was treating sick cows, Bossman calls me.

He informs me that there is a little Jersey bull(one that I am keeping), in the dry cow lot.
I told him about the calves getting out and that he must have gotten into the field that way.
Hmmmm....I wonder if there are any others missing?

Later, after getting the bull back in, I counted the calves and they were all where they were supposed to be.
Good deal.

It wasn't until Sunday morning, that I discovered the teeeeny tiiiiny hoof prints, going UP the SIDE of the ROAD....

Thursday night must have been very..... eventful.
It's just sad that Michelle had to miss out....

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  1. I wouldn't answer to my stage name in public either...


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