Monday, December 19

On the Sixth Day of Christmas..

..I want to inform you, actually more so warn in an apologetic kind of way, that we might/maybe/possibly won't make the deadline for this here "12 Days of Christmas".
............. that OK?
..are you mad?
..have you taken my gift back?

I've been busy.
Lame excuse, I know.
But it's true!

Well, that and it's hard to wrangle up the correct number of animals, in the same spot atthesametime!
Listen to me, excuses excuses!
Oh well.

...My true love(who is out of town) gave to me....

SIX freezing felines! ...bombombom...

See that little fella there in the middle?
Smartest one in the pile.

The dark spot on the bottom left is my shadow, thankyouverymuch.
Not a cat.

So...what have I been doing, if not herding animals in preparation for the corresponding Christmas day??
Having babies and baking..oh and working out.
That last one goes without saying considering the amount of butter I have gone through....

Babies, babies, babieses....
I have a million, or so it seems.

Since last Monday I have welcomed eleven into this cold world.
Chump change to those 2,000 cow dairies...but they have more help than me...

This muddy gal was born yesterday morning!

Her mother, who shall remain nameless, decided to have her in the ONLY muddy corner of the field.

Yesterday afternoon I pulled an enormouss bull.

Chuck helped me...via bluetooth.
(I did NOT add that to the list of things NOT to do while using your bluetooth device..justsayin).
I try to make him a part of everything;).

Now for the baking!!

I made a few gift boxes and filled them with spiced nuts, Gingersnap Palmiers, dark chocolate pistachio bark and Pumpkin Gingerbread cookies(!

I think they all turned out pretty good:).

Last week I made my absolute favorite chocolate chip cookies EVER!
I went light and only made like...60.

No biggie.

Last night I cranked out some lemon cookies, which are supposed to be the same Ham'N'Goodys recipe..but I'm not sold on it.

Instead of rolling them out..I despise the thought of rolling things out..I wrapped the dough in parchment paper, shaped them in a log and refrigerated them overnight.
Slice and bake!

Don't get me wrong! They are buttery, lemony and delicious.
But, I dunno...something about them wasn't what I was looking for...

Instead of doing the icing, I combined 1/4 cup softened butter, 1.5 cups powdered sugar and 2 tbsp fresh lemon juice, and made a sandwich out of them!
I can be brilliant sometimes...

Maybe I'll find 7 of

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