Saturday, December 10

On the Second Day of Christmas..

..My true love gave to me...

TWO gimpy babies!!

That's right.

I know the pictures aren't exactly professional quality...evidently my fancy camera got lost in the mail.
Years ago.

HOWever, you can still see the casted-babies whom I am keeping in the "wounded warrior" pen.

This is my little Dolly.

She has a small break in her joint just above the hoof.
We are hoping that this will heal...fingers crossed!

This heifer is big Suzy...or "Soooooozzzzz" as I call her.

Her real leg is broken. A clean break across the metatarsus.
This was a result of a cow stepping on her.  (Sometimes they do that).
Don't you worry though!  I talked real stern to that cow! Pffffttt! Hurtin' my babies like that!

I originally had them splinted...I don't know if you realize this yet, but I am sort of "crafty".
You should have seen those splints...ah geez...

They were not picture worthy,
So, I put in a call to Judy.

Who is this "Judy" character, you ask?
You know how I have 3 Wise Men?
Bossman has 2 Wise Women....
1.The Heat

Without these women, Bossman would be lost.  DO NOT TELL HIM I SAID THAT.
...I already don't have any gifts under the tree.

So, back to the story...
Judy runs Bossman's office...and her tail off...She's a good woman.

I called her and 'splained to her what I needed to do.
Being the good woman that she is, she listen and seemed un phased at the request.
"How big is the leg?", she asked.
After a few minutes of planning, and asking details, she agreed to send some casting supplies home with BossMan.

I will admit, I was a little excited about putting casts on the calves, seeing as I had never done that before.
New experience!!

I needed some help, so Tim agreed to lend a hand.
We got the bag of stuff that Judy sent, and set out to conquer the world!

I read the instructions in English, Tim read them in Dutch...and neither one of us comprende'd.
So we just started opening stuff and dunking it in water.

Suzy was the first patient, who calmly rested under me during the procedure....
(That's really all you can do when someones body weight is onTopOfYou).

It all went really well!
It would have probably taken about half the amount of time that it did, had we been given material that didn't expire in 1990.....DOTDOTDOT...

But we got it done, and the girls are up and at 'em.

Tim swears he can get the cast off without taking the leg with it, and by golly he better!

The best part of the experience?
I feel fully confident that I can put a cast on anything!
...I'm just waiting for Tim's mouth to break.

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