Monday, December 26

He Really Loves Me

But First!
I have taken 2,967 steps since I woke up this morning!
-That's 6 floors climbed...
-1.24 miles...
-554 calories burned..
...We'll talk about that later...

How was Christmas?!
Better yet, how was the food?
Delicious?  I bet it was.

Did your Aunt's cheese slide off her cracker?  My Aunt's did, and she was using squeezy cheese... might be too early for jokes..

Did your BossMan grill 37 steaks?  Mine did.  I felt like a caveman.
..but they were soooo good.

I did work yesterday morning...gasp! The horror!
ACTually it doesn't bother me as much as it bothers everyone else.  For real.
I don't mind working on holidays!  Honestly!

I rather enjoy wishing the cows, cats, calves and dogs a Merry Christmas every year.
Not to mention by the time I am fairly caught up in the morning, 'normal people' are just waking up.
I am not missing anything.

If I didn't work at least some, I would get antsy and feel guilty for whomever was working for me.
Aren't you glad your not me? don't have to answer, I already know.

OK, so Christmas...
We alllllll know that it is not about the gifts, or who gets the most, it's about The Birth.
That being said, I am not writing this to brag about what I got, or who got me the best gift...duh.

I AM writing this to tell you about a gift that I received, that wasn't HUGE, but had more of a 'supporting cast' role.

First, you must brace yo'self.
What I am about to tell you will be reason #4,312 on the "Why you're glad you're not me" list.
It's embarrassing and scary-true.

I don't wear a lot of jewelry, on a daily basis.
Typically I just wear the same earrings every day, only taking them out to clean them.
BUT I love pretty, sparkly, shiny things.

Chuck has a knack for picking out the perfect "me" pretty things.
He's awesome at it.

When I am not at work, I wear as manyofthemasIcanfitonmyperson at once.
I believe it makes me look very "rock star chic".

I lie to myself often, ifyoumustknow.

Anyway, I never gave much thought to buying a jewelry box.  Like.  Ever.
I would just take my pretty things off, and put them in the same spot every time...
...ohhh boy, this is that spot...

OK, wait!
See the liiiittle black box on the left?
That is where I would keep all of my jewelry.
Take a goooood look at that hott mess....


Being that I am obviously oblivious in that loud and proud way, when Christmas rolled around I kept the "I don't need anything" general response in my repertoire.

I even told my honey this.
I wasn't fibbing!  I just couldn't think of anything to ask no one really wants to ask...
Come on now..

Naturally when gifts, for Edna, started appearing under the tree, I was curious.
Edna was excited...don't let her lie.

I kept asking Chuck what he got me, and he kept NOT telling me.
That strategy wasn't going to work at all.

So I waited, and wondered from time to time.
What could he have gotten me?
I don't need anything! Do I?
Have I mentioned anything?
Even if I did, he doesn't remember anything I said 5 minutes ago, much less 5 days ago...
(That last one is true, he will even admit it.)

Finally, Christmas morning came around, and among the bold and beautiful gifts and "pretty things", was this...

I opened it and laughed.
I am 28 years old, and I keep ALL of my jewelry stuffed in a old, tiny velvet box.

This gift was not the most expensive, or shiniest that I got far.
However, it served as a nice reminder that he does listen, and he does pay attention....and for some reason he keeps me around.

I immediately ran, took a picture of the calamity that was my jewelry case, then proceeded to put alllllll of my pretty things in their new home!

anD, aND, AND!  You know what the best part is????
After seeing all of the empty space still left in my new jewelry home, Chuck sighed and said, "Oh...I though you had more than that...".

To which I quickly responded, "Oh no honey! There's always room for more!".
Heh, heh, heh...

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