Tuesday, November 29

6 Feet Under

Is it still raining?
I'm afraid to look...

So WOW how 'bout some rain?!
Anyone wanna go for a swim?

Me either.

I am glad it's Tuesday though...you people and your "Monday Blues" have worn off on me.
I think today will be better.

I was at work for 12 hours yesterday...not that bad, huh?
I was at work IN the rain..for 12 hours yesterday....it sorta bummed me out.
I won't lie, it did.

Something interesting did happen though, and you bet your britches I'm gonna tell you about it!

After finishing my morning routine, I ventured down to Teddie's neck of the woods(the commodity shed) to see what was shakin'.

They were standing at the feed truck, not doing a darn thing.
When they saw me they straightened up, and acted like they were solving the world's mysteries.
Eddie: "I wish it would quit raining so I wouldn't have to feed and get wet".
Tim: "Maybe we should just make the world spin in the opposite direction"...I.Kid.You.Not.
Eddie: "Well, yeah I guess that would work".
Then they both looked at me, maybe to get my input, or maybe because my mouth was wide open and I looked like I had a question.
I opted to not touch that, and turned and walked away.
They know how to get rid of me.

I went to check on my far-off dry cows, because I knew I had one who was due Dec. 2nd and she was not yet in my close-up lot.

I found her, 8441.
Laying in a pile of leaves, just hangin' out.

I said, "Let's go momma" and she got up and we headed toward the gate.
She was walking kind of funny, so I decided to re-route her into the calving barn.
I thought it would be best to palpate her to see if maybe she was in early labor and just wasn't doing a lot of pushing.

I reached in, and sure enough she was!
I'mSoGoodAtMyJob, I thought, as I eased her into the chute and put my new gloves on.

I needed to help her, so I got the puller ready and went in to grab some feet....
And feet....and feet....
A whole bunch of feet greeted me.
Six, to be exact.

Uh.....alrighty..let's see what else is in here....
Sometimes you find the head(s) right off...I found one!
Then I did a bigger sweep with my hand and, yep! There's the other one, as my hand went into its mouth.
FYI, they have RAZOR sharp teeth when they are still in there.

Normally twins aren't a huge deal, not preferred, but not all that bad.
Normally twins don't try to come out AtTheSameTime either.

One was on top, in the correct position, however it was hindered by it's sibling, who decided to take the position of a horseshoe...with its head on the bottom...
Ah geez...

I arranged, and re-arranged, until I could no longer feel my arm.
Then I went and got reinforcements.
The dynamic duo.

I figured that since they had solved the "rain issue" they might be able to help me.
Plus..Tim is much stronger than me.

Occasionally Tim doesn't appreciate being used, so I lured him in with, "Hey! Come see what you can find!".
I mean, who, when being handed a long pink glove while hearing that, wouldn't jump at the opportunity?
Normal people, that's who.

So, he accepted the challenge, reached in and gave me the "you owe me for this" look.
We spent an hour pulling...and pushing...grunting and discussing.
Eddie was ZERO help, so we sent him away.
At one point, the puller was in the air, and I was hanging from it as if suspended from monkey bars.
By far one of the most difficult pulls to date..

We were both surprised when we got the first one out, and he was alive!
You don't usually get that kind of Grace when the process takes so long.
The second, a girl, was alive too!

I got them both onto some dry straw and eased their mom over to them.
She started licking immediately.

There are very few moments better than the one where everyone is OK, and momma is handling it.

...and since Tim got me out of a pickle I won't remind him of the conversation he had with Eddie.
I wouldn't know where to start anyway...


  1. That is a lot of feet!

  2. Annonymous is me, by the way. It won't let me publish under ME!

    :) jen

  3. I kinda got stuck on the part where you reached in and THEN put your new gloves on....

    *please call it a typo*

  4. Oh Amo...I had gloves on the first time, but the area palpated was different;).


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