Sunday, October 2

What Day Is It?

It took me a few minutes this morning to figure out what day it was....I just wanted to make sure it wasn't still yesterday.

Yesterday was one of those days.
Most of it is a blurr but here is what I can recall....

Somewhere in the neighborhood of 4 in the A.M., a concert erupted in the kitchen.
It was pretty awesome and LOUD.

Then I woke up and realized I was answering my phone and someone who had a death wish was on the other end saying, "Ehhhhh Rachael? Ehhhhhh, machina no worky" to which I responded "OK" and immediately hing up.

I'm a conversation extraordinaire.

I immediately started getting ready...hold the phone...I immediately turned the coffee pot ON and started getting ready.

I'm guessing it was during this time that I put on 3 shirts...or maybe I slept in 3 shirts...I'll get back to you.

Anyway,I headed to work and passed a yellow Mustang on the way.
That really has nothing to do with anything but it stuck out enough for me to remember thinking "ew".

I got to work and, very nonchalantly, walked into the parlor where the machina was in fact no worky-ing.

I said, "hey guys...ssssssup?" and giggled to myself because that's what you do when you get NO sleep.

Then I slipped into a coma while they rattled at me IN SPANISH like I could understand.
I put the puzzle together and figured out that one of the vacuum pumps wasn't working.  Awesome.

I then called my go-to guy, EJ.
EJ is always on call...he is the know all of dairy equipment, and my part-time therapist.

My vet is my other part-time therapist.
It takes a village.

I had a brain burp when EJ answered his phone and I said, "HEY! How are you?"
I mean really.
It's 4 am and I'm calling him asking him how he is doing....I.Did.That.

My brain put the connection together and I told him my problem..and what I ate for dinner...
He was on his way.  Cool.

I got my workers milking on half of the parlor...which is just twelve at a time instead of twenty-four and went to feed babies.

Fed babies, broke into The Heats house to drop the blind dog off, and by that time I had to start feeding cows...and did I mention it was COLD?
COLD like 3 shirts cold.
Like I lost feeling in 3 fingers COLD.
Cold is dead to me.
Some like it hot and I am some.

EJ fixed the pump, while I laid in the corner on the concrete floor and slept, then we fixed the dryer.
I'm helpful like that.

Before EJ left we exercised some of my mental demons and I told him I would make him a cake.
....which I'm glad I

I went home to eat lunch and instead ate pretzels while I made lasagna FOR TWENTY TEENAGERS.
I volunteered to do that a couple weeks ago, so I own it....I heart lasagna anyway.

Cheesey, bechamel-y lasagna...not ricotta, sauce-alotta lasagna...yuck.

I then returned to work, where I had two new babies and the pump-tractor wouldn't start.
Out of all the days...THIS was MINE.

I called Tim 6 times back-to-back during which time he never answered and discovered that my pipeline washer was not working correctly as well.
...still wearing 3 shirts...

Got the tractor started, while on the phone with Chuck, and yelled "BOOOOYAH" and pumped my fist.
And jumped around in a circle.
He got quiet.

I beat the pipeline washer into submission and dared it to act up before Monday...I'm intense.

By then it was time to feed cats, calves and cows...again...and I did....again.

Finally got back to the hizzy and as a reward for my long day went out on a hottttt date with Chuck to a Mexican restaurant and Super Target.

All of which leads me to where I am rightNow.
I think it's any rate I'll go to Church like it is...and if I end up being the only one there then surely I'll get some extra credit...right?

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