Monday, October 31

Wedding Shower!!!

Happy Halloween!!

Hello Kitty is all kinds of ready to go Trick-or-Treating tonight...I have to pry her out of my fine china first.

Why yes! 
That IS my fine china she is nestled in which I unwrappedAndSetOutForChuckToNotCareAboutSee.....

It's OK thought, he really isn't supposed to care about the intricate detail of the pearl pattern on my china.
His only job is to say things like, "when are we supposed to use that?" and "I like the section-plates where your food doesn't touch, did you not get those?". 
He does his job well.

One thing I must tell you before I give you a pictorial montage of my sister's visit and my shower and that is....
I made pumpkin ice cream last night.
Chyeah I did!

Actually I made the ice cream is chilling as we speak.
It got all uppity on me so I was like hey, why don't you get in the fridge for a while and chill?
It's better that way.

I fully intend on churning it when I go home for lunch and I am soexcited!
If it's good, there will be a recipe and pictures.
If it's bad, I'm moving away.

OK sister Malinda and her husband Del and their baby Jackson came to visit last week!!

It was a great week PLUS my shower totally happened!
It was amazing.
The people were amazing, the decorations were amazing and the food was amazing.
An amazing situation it was.

Before the shower festivities we participated in a lot of baby J fun....

This picture makes me wish I could go back to the days where the relationship of my belly to the waist of my jeans was not directly connected to my emotional state.

It also makes me wonder why they don't make spatulas like that anymore?
The Heat totally used that to flip my grilled cheese when I was 4...

This is yet another lovely hair picture of me....
But you know what?
I'm gonna man-up and put it on here anyway!

FYI The Heat was the one with the camera...and DidSheTellMe???????
Evidently not.

But it's a great picture of my sister with Jackson and me with
That's all I got.

On to the shower!!!
We must set the scene...

My sisters and mother worked diligently on the decorations...maaaaajor kudos to their creativity!

There were glitterfied pumpkins, some cleverly carved with the letters R and C AND the date of the wedding!!
Very cute!

The most delicious cupcakes I have EVER had which contained E-normous diamond rings.

Only the best for the guests.

The party favors????
Why Hello Kitty cookies of course!
Shown off by my cousin Amy...

Rebecca(Beenie) made these out of a basic sugar cookie recipe which she kicked up a notch by adding mini M&M's to.
She also iced them...DE-licious!

The next pictures are an assortment of guest glamour shots..
Two of my beautiful sisters Beenie(left) and Taylor!

A really great picture of Chuck's mom Gayle and I...

Taylor and I...

THE man, Jackson...

With his gorgeous mama..

...cheating on me with my friend Mandi...(isn't she pretty?)..

...and here he is wondering why no one told me about my hair...

My cousin Amy and I proudly displaying the cow clock that she and her friend Jeff(taking the pictures) picked out...

My friends Erin and Mandi...

The always amazing Heat and I...

It was such a wonderful night!

Stay tuned for the ice cream and have fun tonight!


  1. Fun was had by all. Fo.Sho.

    You didn't mention the tongue on the cow clock wags....justpointingthatout. ;)

  2. Agnes, Agatha, Germaine and Jacq....


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