Tuesday, October 18

DJ Cheezy Chuck

I want to catch you up on some weddingness, however I must first tell you about dinner last night. ArentYouLucky.

Picture, if you will, a pork roast in the slow cooker, crisp, roasted asparagus, creamy butternut squash risotto and cornbread with honey-butter brushed on top..............give me a minute..........

Then.....THEN follow that with warm apple crisp made in a cast iron skillet......how do you feel now?

That's how I felt.

The moment of the night came when Saigon asked me what was in the risotto, and I told him that it was roasted butternut squash...then Chuck said, "Oh, I thought it was peaches"....He'sSoPretty.

I need need NEED to tell you about this wedding deal.
OK, so  had my first official dress consultation this past Saturday and am SO excited!

Colleen from White Orchid Bridal will be making it and it will be a dream...I feel so good about it!

I can't give you details because Chuck reads this....I think he does just to make me feel good, and I tend to give him pop-quizzes on blog content.  Keeps him on his toes.

So wedding booked at Seaside, Fl, registry DONE, dress in the works...what am I forgetting to update you on?
Hmmmmmm...OH! Right the music.

You would think after the "peaches" comment that Chuck made, the night couldn't possibly get any better....right?  Oh, you are in the innermost layer of wrong.

While I was feeding calves yesterday I received a phone call from a Florida area code.
Had it been someone I knew, I wouldn't have answered and just called them back when I was finished.

But I though maybe I had won a prize or was going to be offered a job in a warmer climate...not that I would have taken it I SO would have.

It was a girl from the entertainment company calling about my wedding ceremony music.
I don't normally answer while feeding calves because of the background noise.
Something about the calves bawling, cats meowing, roosters crowing, guineas waking the dead, and a cow that must sound like an elephant can be hard to explain.
So, after telling her that I work in a zoo, she informed me that I need two more songs for the ceremony.

I had already picked the song I will walk down the aisle to..now keep in mind this is acoustic guitar.
I can't tell you what song it is, but it means a lot to me.

I need a song for the mothers, as well as another song.
I told her I would discuss it with Chuck.
She asked if we had camels. 
I said "no" and she sounded sad.
We hung up.

At dinner last night, after telling Saigon about how I very nearly knocked myself out with a wooden fence post at work, I remembered the phone conversation.

Have you ever met Chuck?  Do you know him well?  LetMeJustTellYou.....
On registering: "All I want is a refrigerator".
On invitations: "I like them all".
On wedding location: "I wanna get married on the beach".
On rehearsal dinner: "Is there a Ryans nearby?"
On dark chocolate ice cream that I made:"I can taste the peanut butter".
Ya dig?

What age is it that guys are de-opinioned?  Where is this done?

I told my lovey-love that I needed two more songs and Mr. "It's whatever you wanna do" became Mr. Google-it.

He immediately started searching for songs using the words "worst wedding songs EVER".
He really loves me.

So, while doing dishes DJ Cheezy Chuck followed me around with his phone playing "You've lost that lovin' feelin'", "You give love a bad name", "Tainted love" and my personal fav "Dude looks like a lady".

Personally I am pulling for "Ring of Fire" for the mothers.
Caden plays the trumpet too!!
Now, where to get a little mariachi outfit...

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