Thursday, October 27

THAT Kind of Girl

Have you ever been asked to describe yourself in a few words?
Um HELLO difficult.

I can't do that.  I also can't whistle..but that's beside the point.
No, really I can't...and don't pull one of those "Aw, of course you can! Just try!" things on me either. 
It will no longer work.  I refuse to look silly with my lips forming an "O" inadvertently blowing spit out of my mouth.

See? How do you describe that in a word? Please don't tell me the word you were thinking.
Instead of single words, I prefer examples or phrases, if you will.

Such as..

I am the kind of girl who noticed that one thing on her registry was purchased and squealed, then called her fiance' and said, "This registry thing actually works!!".

I am the kind of girl who will turn the radio down to hear herself think.

The kind who will keep her dead iPod in her ears at the gym for "protection".

The kind who rarely listens to the radio and doesn't even notice when it isn't on.

I am the kind of girl who could lay on a blanket beside her 8 month old nephew and him for hours.

 Never say a word, just watch.

I am the kind of girl who has more conversations with God each day, than anyone else..even Chuck.

The kind who talks to her cats, dogs, cows and calves as if they understand.

I am the kind of girl who can work 7 cows out of a group of 70 by herself, without alarming them.

I am NOT the kind of girl who gets surprises left on her doorstep by anonymous people...

......but that changed last night.

I am the kind of girl who falls asleep saying her prayers every night.

The kind who is going to marry her best friend.

The kind of girl who has very few close friends, because they are so special to her.

I am the kind of girl who once pulled a calf while wearing wedge sandals.

The kind who can IV cows blindfolded, pull calves and deal with manure all over her, BUT who doesn't want to touch it, smell it or even look at it when it comes to people. Ick.

I am the kind of girl who falls short every day.

I am the kind of girl who lives for things like this...

and doesn't need a camera to remember them.

The kind of girl who cries when she even thinks about talking to her dad, because who he is and what he thinks mean so much to her.

I am the kind of girl who thinks she can always do better.

I am the kind of girl who gets excited when her hoof trimmer comes to work on the cows, because she knows they will feel better after.

The kind who never thinks she is good enough for her dogs.

Lastly, I am the kind of girl who is in disbelief that there are people coming tonight to celebrate her getting married.

Excited doesn't even begin to touch what this girl is.


  1. You are the kind of girl who blesses everyone with your presence.
    The kind of girl that is always grateful never assuming.
    The kind of girl who deserves more than she will ever expect.

    I love you, mycowherdingcousinRachael

  2. That sweet little boy adores his Aunt Rachael and can't wait to spend 5 whole days with her :)


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