Tuesday, October 25

I Would Rather...

I would rather wake up every single day at 4 am than have to stay up each night until eleven.

I would rather be the there as the sun rises than watch the lights go out.

I would rather get soaking wet in the rain than sit inside and do nothing.

I would rather have calluses on my hands than have soft, delicate skin.

I would rather live the rest of my life in coveralls than worry about how I look.

I would rather be trapped in my thoughts all day than have to speak to 5 different people.

I would rather sit in front of the fireplace and watch than open presents on Christmas morning.

I would rather have 4 siblings than be an only child.

I would rather work than rest.

I would rather stand than sit.

I would rather change dirty diapers than never be called "mom".

I would rather dream than settle.

I would rather pray than worry.

I would rather say "I love you" than hear it said to me.

 "I would rather have thirty minutes of wonderful than a lifetime of nothing special." ~Truvy in Steel Magnolias


  1. I am glad I am the sixth person

  2. Awesome. Well said, my dear.

  3. I second Amo - well said!

  4. Anonymous- Me too;)

    Amo and Amanda- Thank you:)


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