Tuesday, October 11

Hypothetically Speaking..


These are the two I had waiting for me when I got to work yesterday morning.
A first time mama and her baby girl.
Very cool.

There are so many questions I have stemming from situations that may, or may not have happened last week. 

I'm going to share whether you like it or not the highlights, but you have to remember these situations are all hypothetical...and the people are not real..

1.  I don't like calling my food 'white trash' or 'dog food'.
Maybe I am making white chocolate-covered trail mix...but I aint callin' it "white trash".  I don't even understand that.  It's doesn't sound like something I would willingly be a part of. 
And "dog food"?  Wha?  I buy my dogs food and I have never once wanted to eat it.  True story.
If someone comes up to you with a baggie and says "hey here's some dog food" do you;
A.  Eat it, no questions asked?
B.  Wonder how they know you have a dog?
C.  Look confused but not want to risk sounding stupid, so you put it in your purse and forget it until the bag rips 3 weeks later when you're digging for a pen you suddenly have it jammed under your nails?  
Not that it happened..

2.  You know when something, say a calf, bloats and they have that balloon of trapped air inside them?
Have you ever though about how that air smells?  Probably not, right?  I mean I sure haven't wasted sleep wondering what a skunk would smell like if it was dead for 6 days and ate a dead skunk before it died.
Now I don't have to...
Cuz that's gross...right?

3.  It took me all of an hour to register for our wedding...is that bad?  I did it ALL online...should I have?
Did I miss something?  People consider this act "fun"...did I miss the balloons?  I will admit I when I informed Chuck I said, "Hey guess what?  At 6:30 this morning we were registered for NOTHING...at 7:30 we have 86 items on our list!"  and then I might have given it a loud and proud "BOOOM-shaka-laka!" 
 Might have...
But that's normal...right?

4.  Are Mercy and I even reading the same series?  We sure aren't on the same chapter, or in the same book.  Did I miss the part where he never learned the idea behind a manual transmission?  Are people not born with that knowledge?  Should I have started in the classroom before he killed the truck SIXTEEN times in a row before asking me to take it back to the barn and then saying.."OK, so what is the difference between 1,2,3 and 4?"  Did he even know what we were doing?

Am I even writing this?  And for goodness sakes, what day is it?

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