Sunday, October 9

LilyCat Makes a Friend

Once upon a dairy farm there lived a little kitten named Lily.
Lily was one of three in her immediate family.  She had a brother named Tito and a sister named Vana.

Tito, Lily and Vana were born and raised at the calf barn among many other cats, where Farm Girl and Tractor Guy watched over them.

They were all three very lucky to have a great mama to take care of them and raise them just the same, never picking favorites.
Tito and Vana seemed to have a lot of the same characteristics, however Lily was a bit different.
She was always doing what she wanted to do, not what everyone else wanted.

When everyone else was fighting over their place at the milk bowl, Lily was taking advantage of her small size and sneaking in unnoticed.

She was a character, that Lily.

She didn't mind being different, except when it came time to play.
While the other kittens rolled and nipped, Lily sat and watched.

She wanted to play, but she just didn't quite fit in.
Therefore, she spent most of her free time either watching the others or napping with her sister.

One afternoon, after all of the cats had eaten dinner, Lily was restless.
Typical after dinner activities were bathing and napping.  Lily wanted to play.
None of the others were interested so she decided to wander out to see what Farm Girl was doing.

Lily's mother had warned her about the calves ever since she was big enough to walk.
Mama had told Lily that, although the calves mean no harm, they are so big they could possibly hurt her.

Never one to disobey her mama, Lily kept her warning in mind while venturing to the gravel where Farm Girl was feeding calves.

The calves were everywhere, and they each had their own house.
One characteristic that made Lily unique was that she accepted all others, no matter what size or color.
She was a friendly kitty, unlike many of the others.

One calf that caught her eye was a bull named Trey.
Lily immediately walked up to Treys hutch and introduced herself.

They exchanged smells and quickly became friends!

Who would have thought a kitten and a calf?

Lily got her mamas approval and visited Trey each day to play.

Lily would bat her paws at him, and in return he would give her a mohawk...

Unlikely friends indeed.

She would tell Trey all there was to know about being a kitten...

......and instead of disliking each other because they weren't the same, they learned acceptance...

...because all it takes is an open mind and an open heart to be a friend.

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