Saturday, October 29

Toughest Girl I Know

This picture has ZERO to do with this post.
I'm not even sure what is going on here...but I looked through the window and this was the scene.

So I promise to post pictures of the shower asSoonAsIgetThem...ahem...
As for now just picture cleverly carved pumpkins, Hello Kitty cookies, an assortment of cupcakes with diamonds in them, a baby with a mohawk and a table full of laughter.
It was a GREAT night.

The governor was even there!
OK, so he was in the vicinity..and I didn't even see him...but I heard he was around.
We didn't have a seat for him anyway because he didn't RSVP.
He missed out.

I can't even begin to talk about the generous gifts...but  I will tell you that I have decided to ONLY eat off of my fine china for.ever. Amen.

The night ended with everyone departing the restaurant, some going home, while a few of us decided to have a glass of wine at a small bistro across the square.

My younger sister, you know her as Beenie, left with her friend Jennifer.
While we were chatting at the bistro, Malinda received a call saying that Beenie had been in an accident.
Long story short, Jennifer's car had been t-boned in an intersection when a van decided not to stop.
The van struck her car on Beenie's side, and if it hadn't been for the side airbag poor Beenie would have been even more severely injured.

Let me take this moment to explain my 3 sisters and I a bit...

What do you get when a man who owns a farm has 4 daughters BEFORE having a son????

You get 4 girls who can do ANYthing a man can do WHILE putting on mascara.

4 girls who can haul wood, work calves and have developed matrix-like moves to avoid being whacked upside the head by BossMan's cattle-paddle back swing.

Shoooooooootttttt...we don't back down, we adapt.

So Beenie is in this terrible collision, right?
The van hit them so hard that it knocked the diamond out of the setting in her ear, she had to be drug cross the console, rode in an ambulance with only ice for relief and the ONLY time she cried was when they started taking blood at the hospital.

Luckily Jennifer was not seriously injured and Beenie received a plate and 4 screws, courtesy of the BossMan.

Maybe one day you will get to meet my Beenie, she is the toughest girl I know.

By the by, I have decided that I need to go ahead and get the broken bones over with before BossMan quits his day job.

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  1. You aren't exaggerating. Beenie's hair even looked great after surgery! She insisted it was a rats nest in the back, but I was amazed.

    Tough yet beautiful: my cousins.


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