Wednesday, October 5

Dollywood...and We Did.

What happens when you carefully assemble a highly capable group of 4 people with a common day off?
A team is born.

A dream team.

Once your team has convened the stage must be set....
A cool, crisp fall day.
Leaves are changing, and the sound of Dolly's voice can be heard like she is talking only to you.

You're at Dollywood.
Because, why not?
Dolly would.

And it's your lucky day.
You're team has chosen this day and it's gonna be the Best.Day.Eva!
Because, unlike everyOTHERtime you have been to this country cuties' theme park, there are only 567 people there as well...normally there are 2,567.

By people I mean, sweaty, cut-off blue jean wearin', mullet-sportin', "put cher shoes back awn" yellin'....people.
Don't even get me started on the men...

But no people means NO.LINE.
You read that right.
Like board, latch, ride, scream, puke, scream, unlatch, dismount...and then do it alll again!
Angels sing.

After you eat a funnel cake that is.

I wouldn't suggest pork rinds.
Just trust me. ick.

It is important for each member of your team to bring their own flare to the group.

Every team must have a fearless leader.

Ours was sick so Chuck stepped in.
I kid.

The leader must be able to take charge even after downing 44 ounces of Coke Zero.
He's a beast.
His camel-like liquid holding ability is important in order to stay hydrated for FIVE HOURS of nonstop walking and rides.
....and unsuccessful game playing....

Your highly skilled team must also have one larger-than-life member, whose feet and hands....and arms and legs and head.....are out sized only by his heart.

He's a game winner, a random-stranger-conversation-starter.
Although his feet might not fit into ANY of the rides he doesn't let that get him down.
He powers on, trying in vein to win the Hello Kitty stuffed doll at the ski-ball game.
$14.00 Kitty.

But it's OK.
Because the remaining member of The Dream Team is a high roller.

Meet Caden.
Don't let the cool expression fool you.  He is all business.
No game is too challenging or expensive for this guy.
He goes all out.
Impossible basketball shooting game at the county fair?

$20 in QUARTERS?

He has the trophies to show for it.
1 England soccer jersey+1 enormous blow-up bat=WINNER.

And the team is always there to cheer each other on..

This team went, they saw and they conquered.

They were in the trenches experiencing extreme g-forces, mine shafts and heck, they even scaled walls.

All with smiles on their faces.

This mission goes down in the records as a success.
No lines, means unlimited fun...

...and you can never have too much of that, right?

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  1. You know, Splash Country is where I saw the most memorable of all tattoos.... It said "MOM" and the O was the belly button. Dorkfish argued it could have said "WOW" when the guy looked down, but judging from the man sporting it, I kinda doubt it.

    Able to keep those porkrinds down now?....


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