Tuesday, October 4

First Fall Calves

Oh fall, fall, fall how I love your hoodielisciousness but hate the loss of circulation to my extremities.
Fall and I have a love/hate relationship however if it is anything like this past spring then it will only last two weeks.
Something about glaciers moving,the depletion of tho ozone layer and the bank charging me to use my credit card.

Nothing makes sense anymore.

The world has gone mad...but my cows are still having babies!!!!

This little gal is a Kyros baby..full Jersey.
Her mother was one of the cows brawling the other weekend...hormones.

I watched as her mother got up, laid down, got up laid down, gotuplaiddown..then finally had her.
You have no idea the emotional toll it takes on me watching these gooey creatures come into the world...without my help...

If I'm pulling then no problemo.
Reach in, find the feet(hopefully), hook her up to the puller then crank it on out..
Easy peasy.

Never mind that I am normally drenched in sweat and the mother has either tried to lay down or squash me in the process.  It's all good.

When they calve on their own..gosh almighty ALL I wanna do is help!
I can do it soooooo much faster.

Most of them won't let me around and will jump up and take off no matter what stage of birth they are in.
Calf halfway out?
Rrrrrrrrrrunnnnnn! Monster!
Therefore I have been known to army crawl through the field so they don't see me coming.
People slow down as they drive by but it's OK.
Better than when I was chasing that cow through the field who had her calf hanging out by his hip bones...
...and then the school bus drove by just as the calf gave way...
...followed by sixteen gallons of birthing fluid.

This is another little lady who was born Sunday morning.
It was particularly cool that morning so she is warming up in the sun at the feedway.

Sooooo cute.

This little girlie was what I was greeted with yesterday morning.
Cute, cute, cute.

She was pretty chilly as well, however her mom never left her side.
5424 is a good cow.
As a matter of fact ALL of my 2005 cows are very good mothers.
Hmmmmm....good year.

The seasons probably last more than 2 weeks that year.

I'll not dwell on negativity today though, you know why?
Because Chuck, Caden, Mercy and I are going to Dollywood!

Well, after I leave work we are.

Oh yes Dollywood.
Home of the Backwoods Barbie.

I hope you're ready to hear about this adventure tomorrow.
Because you know it's so going to happen.

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