Thursday, October 13

My Perfect Person

You probably know by now that I am one of those people who has to make sense of everything.
Like, things don't just happen folks, there's a reason.
Sometimes I even wear myself out trying to figure out why something is happening..that's where the crazy part comes into play..

Here lately I have been thinking about my small group of friends and what makes them unique.
It really is a 'small' group because I am entirely too guarded to let lots of people in.
...and that's the you don't have to dissect me.

I like to think the group is small because they are the best of the best.
A stellar group of people whom I can learn from, laugh with and don't judge too harshly when I do pretty things.
...there's some more truth for ya.

So yesterday I decided to dream up the perfect person using attributes I admire about my friends.
I had a lot of extra time, OK? 

My perfect person....

Would be beautiful, like my mom.

Her skin would be as radiant as Malindas.

She would have hair as perfect as my sister Rebeccas.

She would be tall like my cousin Amy.

She would have eyes as bright blue as my sister Ann Taylors.

She would smile like my dad.

She would be athletic like Paige.

She would have a heart as pure as Mercys.

She would care about people like Erin does.

She would always do what she believed in, just like Malinda.

She would tell you EXACTLY what she thought, like Debra.

She would be daring, like Rachael J.

She wouldn't care what people thought, like Julie.

Like Jen, she would only expect the best from herself.

My cousin Amy is so quick and witty, she would be just like that.

She would be committed like Mandi.

Like Matt, she would never know a stranger.

Saigon makes good decisions, and so would she.

She would be fluent in Kristy C's sarcasm.

She would see beauty in everyone, like Kristy A.

Like Gayle, she would always be there to help.

My perfect person would put her family before all else, and be able to see the forest for the trees...just like Chuck.

Maybe my list of friends appears small, however it is overwhelming when you look at the depth of character.
I appreciate each and every single one of them for who they are.

She would be Blessed, like me.


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  1. And that's why you're my FAVORITE "mycrazycowladycousin"... *sniff*


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