Saturday, October 1

October Employee of the Month!

After much discussion the girls and I have decided that a little individual recognition is in order.
They suggested that the dairy should have an "employee of the month" and who am I to argue?

These gals give it their all every single day, so much so that they really are considered to be the "boss".
Not me.
They use me for my left arm.
I'm OK with that.

Therefore, on the first of each month we will recognize their accomplishments...I was going to call is "Meet Your Milk" however cows are not the only ones who qualify..

In order to get the ball rolling I had to work a quick photo session into their schedule as well as interview the candidate.
Let's do this!

October Employee of The Month!!

Please allow me to introduce little miss 70533.
Her name is Luna, and what a Lunatic she is.

Luna is a saucy, leggy 3-year old Capricorn.
This is her 3rd lactation and she has a lifetime net milk of over 30,000 lbs.
Give it up for Luna!!


Hiddy Y'all!
It's wonderful to get some attention around here!
I mean, attention that doesn't involve rolling up your sleeves...ha!

...I'll be here all day....

You sure will Luna.
OK, on to the questions!
Question 1. Luna, how do you fell about being a mom?  Are you hoping to expand your little herd one day?
Oh, goodness what a question.
Why I love being a mom.  I actually have 3 younguns of my own..all girls.
I had the first when I was only a year old, young mother I know, but I learned the ropes quickly.

After this last heifer was born I suffered from a fit of postpartum crazy depression, and though I don't remember it, evidently I lost it on the tinsel-headed Farm Girl when she came to bring me in.

I sure hope to maybe have a boy next time!
I pray that the 'pink glove' will make that happen.

Luna? Are you awake?
What? Oh, yes. Sorry I drift off occasionally.
No problem.

Question 2.  What organization are you representing?
Well, being the hygiene-queen I am, I am proud to say my sponsor is "Hoofers and Shakers".
They provide the absolute best in Hoof-care.
After your first calf is born you are eligible for pedicures twice a year, at least!
They literally sweep you off your hooves!
"Hoofers and Shakers: Making Your MilkShake."


Wait! Can you get a full-length?
I have always wanted to be a centerfold...

...a classy centerfold, that is.

Oh! Look at the time..I have to trot!
It's almost time for 'Real Bovines of East Tennessee' and I don't want to miss it...

..This is the episode where Belulah tells Torro to get off her back...literally!

Sometimes I can't believe the things they put on tv nowadays...

Alright, well there you have it!
Our very first 'employee of the month'.
Luna has set the standard...the next one will be hard to choose.

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