Sunday, May 29

Taking the Day Off

Yes those are two Peacocks fighting.

And yes, this place is a 3-ring circus.

I don't know much about the Peacock psyche but I'm guessing that since the dominant male was killed yesterday(don't be too sad he was mean), they are "deciding" who will rule the harem.

But, like I said I'm not a Peacockologist.  Or Peaologist.

But guess what?  I'm taking the day off.  That's right..Day.Off.

Since I am currently writing this from work, I need to explain my definition of "day off".

Day Off:  Arriving at work at the normal time, fixing things that need to be fixed, feeding calves, treating cows, and "duct-taping" things so they will hopefully hold together after I leave..which will probably be around 10 am.

I know right?  Control.Freak.
Das me.

Had I taken a full don't-even-show-up day off I would not have been here to tube-feed my very new baby who, when she was born, did not have the strength to stand up and nurse on her own. 

Das me.

But I'm excited about what will happen after I leave...LAKE!!!  Woohoo!!!  All I wanna do is lay in the sun.  Period.  I have been so tired every day this entire week and my feet hurt..and wahhh. 

So, if you love me..or just don't want to read my complaints..say a little prayer that today won't be a 3D day(that's Death, Disease and Disaster) and I will be able to relax.  Chuck would appreciate it.

Das me.

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