Monday, May 30

Just My Luck

Did you read my blog yesterday?  Remember how I said my new baby heifer was too weak to stand? 
No?  Well, read it cuz I did.

Anyway, as it turns out she was a twin.  Yep.  I saw her twin when I was walking down to my mom's house to tell my brother, Mercy, about the new calves since he would be feeding that evening for me.  (His name is not Mercy I just call him that.  Maybe I'll explain that later..when I talk about my blind dog or something).

Yeah, so, walking beside the dry cow lot and I saw a white lump in the field...I didn't have to channel Nancy Drew to figure this one out.  Sigh...back-of-throat axasperated-noise...Twin...Yay.  Ask ANY dairyman what they think of twins and they will all give you the same answer.  They don't like 'em. 

Lemme break it down for ya:
Boy+Girl= Girl cannot reproduce(called freemartin)...This.Is.My.Luck.  Every time.  Like having a chocolate cake and not being able to eat it...bad analogy..but what's a female to me if she can't reproduce?
Girl+Girl=  MONEY.  But this never happens to me.

Before you get all riled up I will grant that some people like my dad will swear up and down that a freemartin is not always a freemartin and you shouldn't assume so....What.Eva. 

Apparently the cow had one calf..the boy..beside the fence, then got thirsty and went to get a drink..after her refreshment she took the notion to lay down right.there and have baby number two..the girl. 

Funny how they do that.  I once had a cow have 3 calves in a 24-hour period.
Two boys and a girl. 
Why does fate tease me so?

I know right?  Did it ever occur to me to check and see if there was another in there?  No Yes.  I just hadn't gotten around to it..that's all. 

Here are my current cuties:
The boy
 The girl (I couldn't resist showing you here knock-knees!)
 And the two of them...already acting like brother and sister.

I love 'em.
Useful or not I love 'em.
Stubborn as snot..I still love 'em.

I find at least one 4-leaf clover  No joke. 
So I didn't luck out on the whole twin thing this time around but maybe I really am lucky!?
I get to do what makes my heart content each and every day..that's pretty lucky.

At least I think it is:)

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