Friday, May 20

Shake It Like...A Bag of Ice Cream?

I did it!!
I made ice cream...without an ice cream maker!!  Wooohooo!

Just so you know, I will NEVER do it again without one.Period.ExclamationPoint.Period.

Yes, Sunny Anderson from the Food Network, anyone can make ice cream even without an ice cream maker...
Doesn't mean you should.

And I already know what you're thinking..NO I didn't use milk from my cows(sigh)..gotta make a living here people..I used, buttermilk(mmmmm tangy) and cut up peaches which I pureed with coconut well as a few other ingredients.

The reason that you should never do this without mechanical help is all in the process.  You have to put the ice cream concoction in a plastic bag and then put that into a container filled with ice and salt....

Then you shake...

and shake...

and sweat shake..

..while you think about Sunny's smiling face saying "the creaminess depends on how much you shake!!"...

and you grind your teeth while you shake..

Finally I decided..after 20 minutes and a lot of sweat..that mine was as creamy as I could ever want and put it in two containers in the freezer.

The product was actually delicious!!

Chuck enjoyed the half.spoonful.he.ate.
Don't even go there, mmmk?

I have already looked up Cuisinart ice cream makers--I really want the red one--and have been dreaming up new recipes!

Gonna take some to the cookout tomorrow night and see if anyone without bias taste buds likes it too!  I may even take a picture as proof!


  1. The part you missed is that people with children don't have the patience or nerves for the shaking and two thousand "IsItReadyYet's"....

  2. The key is to let the kids do the shaking. This was all the rage in elementary school when Ben was there. :)

  3. Love the name of your blog! I can't believe you made ice cream by hand! I admire you. That's some hard work.

  4. Amo- That's a good point..but I did hear of a method that uses a ball that can be kicked around instead of shaking by hand..that could work, right?

    Julie- All I made in elementary school was some apple butter..once and edible wouldn't be one of the first 5 words I would use to describe it.

    Emily- Thanks! I sure did..and my goal for this week is to purchase my ice cream maker!


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