Thursday, May 19

Don't Call Me a 'Ride-Along'

Or 'skinny', for that matter.

I can't stand being called skinny.  Ally McBeal was skinny.  I'm fit or lean or athletic..but NOT skinny.  I work..skinny people don't carry calves on their shoulders folks.  It's true.

As for ride-along...I even curl my lip when I say it..I say that with about as much disdain as I harbor for processed meat.  Ew.  I.Do.Not.Buy.Processed.Meat.  (I don't buy bread either but that's for an entirely different reason having to do with rate of consumption and shelf-life). 

I have had a few opportunities where I have been able to ride...alongside Chuck while he is supervising a shift.  Unfortunately the majority of those shifts have been graveyard and I don't get into the car until 9pm and generally flake out around 12 or, if I'm feeling like an overachiever, 1am.  Party.Animal.

Each time I get to do this I am considered a ride-along..ew.  Like I'm some sort of wannabe!  The nerve.  Don't they know I'm a partner?  A co-supervisor?  Pssshhhh

It's pretty cool though, I have to admit.  One time we ran "emergency traffic"..lights and sirens and EVERYTHING!  Plus we drove Real.RealFast and had to dodge the jackwagons who evidently have brain-burps when they see flashing lights.

I guess I was sort of overwhelmed at all that was going on, and was unable to say.anything.  I did, however, notice that he kept hitting his horn...while the lights and sirens where doing their thing...and I was so bewildered....

 Does he realize his horn is NOT blowing?
Does he really think people can hear that OVER the sirens?
Someone should tell him because he looks silly!

After the emergency was over, and I regained my ability to speak, I asked him about it and he told me that the horn changes the siren tone..oohhhhhhhhhhhhh. 

Well that makes perfect sense...partner..hehehe.

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