Thursday, May 5

He got Hello Kitty'd

Some people have a certain "thing" for super heroes, some for race car drivers, some even for political "thing" is Hello Kitty.  I dunno why.  I think it stems from a crayon box I had in elementary school.  She is cute, has attitude, LOVES pink and is a cat..what's not to adore?  Anyway, Chuck..poor Chuck..found out about this when we started dating and he bought me Hello Kitty lip gloss to go in my Easter basket(I know what your thinking).  I believe I let out some sort of squeal upon finding it and it has been ON ever since.  I'm talkin HK everwhur.  I have sheets of HK stickers..which means Chuck has to bring  his A-game at all times.  You never know where she will be..his IPod at the gym, , inside his wallet, the butt of his gun..yeah THAT happened.  I like to imagine Chuck drawing his Hello Kitty out of the holster and taking a bad guy down.  Sadly he always finds her before he gets to work.  I found this tape last night at Target(thebeststoreever) and couldn't NOT buy it.  Who knows when you will need fashionable tape..if only Chuck had a tool belt..Anyway, I noticed that the label was coming off of Chuck's medicine bottle...and water bottle...and maybe a few other things..and decided to help him out by taping them.  SO good to him.  Thus far he has found the medicine bottle repair job...I can't wait til he goes to the gym..

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  1. Awesome. Welcome to the blog world! (Or should I say, welcome back?.....)


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